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Report: WWE diva taking time off, not returning?

WWE diva Kelly Kelly has requested time off from the company, and the request has been granted. Kelly Kelly has been on the road full-time for six years, and has been wanting to take a break to spend time with her family and boyfriend. There are people in the company that believe the blonde beauty will not return anytime soon, if she does indeed return.

Kelly has started to use her given name, Barbie Blank, in the public eye and is starting to take endorsements and appearances outside of WWE sources. Her last televised appearance was the 5/21 Raw, while she last worked the 5/26 house show.


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24 Responses

  1. N. Gaijin says:

    Fine by me. One less barbie in the ring is never a bad thing.

  2. Mackdeezy says:

    I see what you did there.

    Besides this explains alot. As long as it ain’t kharma

  3. Darrick says:

    Then Mackdeezy don’t it sound like they need Kharma more then they ever did I mean that have needed her for a while but not more then ever

  4. aaron says:

    nikki and brie bella said that sheis pregnan

  5. Darrick says:

    sorry my typing skills are not that great has I have nerve problems hope you can make what I said out.

  6. -J- says:

    why the hell aren’t they using kharma, oh I forgot that is something most fans would want to see so they can’t do it.

  7. cenanation says:

    Good! She can’t wrestle anyway, just eye candy!

  8. art123guy says:

    Nooooooo! Mark this day on your calendar people. It’s the day TRUE women’s wrestling in the WWE died.

  9. Honest Man says:

    Kelly Kelly can wrestle better than anyone on here, that’s for sure

  10. havok says:

    finally she’s leaving, she was never any good and art123guy i hope your being sarcastic because she is awful in the ring

  11. Kerry says:

    Wait a minute! Barbie Blank is her REAL name? I thought it was just another stage name. Never heard the last name Blank before.

  12. art123guy says:

    But of course I’m being sarcastic. WWE women’s wrestling sucks because of the booking and the way the company feels about them. How can someone improve when they only wrestle for 1 minute?

    @Honest Man
    She’d have to wrestle me to prove it. Even if I lose, I win.

  13. Chris James says:

    “I roll blunts fatter than you.. But you’ve been passed around a lil more…”

  14. Christopher lee eskridge says:

    Some of guys are sexist to all of the women of wrestling all of them can wrestle then all the guys at least someone did say something right about kelly kelly she can wrestle she not eye candy these women and wrestlers are just like family members to us fans if you not a true fan of wrestling then watch something else and kelly do need a break she don’t have no new storyline for her but when she comes back eve and beth watch out

  15. soccer20649 says:

    No more K2… about time!

  16. -J- says:

    kelly is super young she started young and she should leave and do what she wants, they have a replacement kelly kelly in FCW anyway in Danielle Moinet.

  17. cas says:

    haters…the role she played was perfect for her skill set. she was a cute athletic blonde who knew a few moves and made them work. let her have her break. real fan should appreciate what women do or attempt to do. if she had a segment picking her nose in the nude some of you dudes would still be upset

  18. Stephen C. says:

    She was one of the better divas for the last 3 years. Granted she didn’t have the skills of Beth and Natalya but I enjoyed watching her get better as a wrestler

  19. smartbus says:

    I’ve noticed something about wrestling fans. They don’t like looking at half naked women. What are you guys looking for artistic integrity? I don’t know and I’m not trying to be mean but some of you wrestling fans might need to look around you and see if you are actually standing in a closet.

  20. Deathedge says:

    …I hate to say that girl go… but I love watching her leave!

    (…for two reasons: 1) She looks good and 2) We won’t have to suffer through her matches anymore.)

  21. N. Gaijin says:

    Not trying to be mean… surely not.

    Gay or not, is it so wrong for wrestling fans to be more interested in seeing wrestling than watching half-dressed men, or dare I say yes, even women, clumsily stumble through the same half-assed routine night after night?

    Say what you will about “artistic integrity”, but seeing as how everyone who posts here has an internet connection, I wouldn’t doubt that they know where to find half-naked women (and men) doing other things and it’s not like any of us need wrestling for that reason.

  22. brandon says:

    It’s sad I actually choose her over AJ now.

  23. Jay says:

    Who cares? She’s a fake blonde, orange, implant skank who looks like if you got near her you’d get some kind of STD.

  24. TNA Sux says:

    They cannot have Kharma though until they have a face diva that can handle her. Beth needs to turn face ASAP

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