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Report: Major heat on Lesnar in WWE

According to several sources, there is nuclear heat on Brock Lesnar right now, a lot of which stems from his going to the UFC show and their knowledge that he met with Dana White. This explains why they haven’t mentioned him on television in recent weeks.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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  1. -J- says:

    ha, c’mon its vintage lesnar!

  2. art123guy says:

    Nuclear heat on Brock, but none on Cena for breaking character at the end of Extreme Rules and screwing up the (reported) storyline with Brock. Yup, sounds about right in the WWE universe.

  3. Chris says:

    If this was his last WWE run, at least it was longer than his NFL career

  4. dave says:

    Who in all honesty gives a flying fu-

  5. brandon says:

    I’m pretty sure the end of Cena vs Brock was planned art123guy

  6. rebel says:

    @art123guy. Like him or not, Cena’s dedicated his life to the company an the fans, Lesnar could care less about it or them unless he gets personal gain.

  7. xxx says:

    I love all the people that “hate” on Lesnar for how he treats the world of professional wrestling and entertainment in general….out of all avenues in entertainment Pro Wrestling is mired in the worst type of Politics…its disgusting the amount of backstabbing and political garbage that goes on in wrestling companies and the business…I for one agree 100% with how he treats the business…the way it is with all the backstage f’n drama in wrestling is enough to make any one never want to do something they probably did enjoy at one point…bravo lesnar

  8. Joe says:

    Would you really expect anything different? The guy is scum. Talented scum, but scum nonetheless.

  9. NCW Promoter says:

    It Is Called A Rub People He Took A Rub From WWE ALMOST NO NFL Rub And Brought A HUGE WWE Oh He Will Get Killed Rub Took Over And Drew MONEY In UFC And Then Lost WHY Because He Changed How He Fought They Should Have Left Him A Corn Fed Big Ass Amateur And Former Professional Wrestler Who Dominated The UFC All Of Those “Shooters” Now He MIGHT Come Back Or Not To The WWE BUT Either Way He WILL Go Back And At Best Lose One Fight With A HUGE WWE Rub Angle And Win Back The Belt In The UFC Breaking Some Huge Money Records AGAIN A Lot Of Old Timers Were Shooters And Would Have Not Played Games And Ran Over SOME Of UFC’s Best Just Like Brock

    AGAIN NO HEAT It IS THE TRUTH And No Offense UFC Guys Some Great Talent And Some Tough GREAT Guys They Are Learning What Some Old Timers Were Taught That Is Great For The Sport Of UFC BUT The Sport And YES I Said Sport Of Professional Wrestling And The WWE NEEDS MORE Of The Old School Teaching

    BUT ENOUGH WITH THE SOAP BOX Brock Comes Back To Wrestle In The WWE Or Not He WILL Fight AGAIN In The UFC And Win His Title Back A REAL WWE RUB The UFC Gets More From It Than Vince Ugg I Hope He Did NOT Get All
    5 Million Dollars Up Front

    YES Brock Is A Great Talent And Family Man But He IS A REAL PAIN IN THE ASS As A Prima Donna You Let Him And He Does

  10. art123guy says:

    Yes, Brock was suppose to lose. But according to several reports, Lesnar was suppose to beat down Cena after the match. That didn’t happen because Cena took the mic, broke character and basically said he’d probably get in trouble for this (speech) and ruined the planned ending.

    I don’t hate Cena, I think he busted his butt to get to where he is. BUT his character is so stale it’s pathetic. When he showed doubt after the Rock match, it was fresh and different for him. That was dumped for whatever reason and now he’s Super Cena again.

    Also, no one was forced to hire back Lesnar. And while Cena loves the wrestling, the fans and the company, he wouldn’t do it for free. No one would.

  11. Deathedge says:

    It’s just a wannabe MMAist throwing a hissyfit over a load of crap.

    WWE will survive without him. I’m not one of those guys who think Brock isn’t a superb talent, because he is, but he has been vastly overrated in the past. Also, WWE just wants to portray him as some kind of shootfighter. No offense to MMA fans, or wrestling fans who like this direction, but I am not interested in seeing Lesner give knees to the side of the abdomen for a match. I don’t care if he’s a great mat fighter (which, by the way, is bs. He’s an ok amateur wrestler, but I’m only a casual MMA fan and even I know he’s strength is, well, his strength and his stand up) I want to watch actual professional wrestling.

    If it’s fake, so be it. I like the fake stuff. I’m not going to play the “risk are real” card here, because I know full well MMAist put there bodies on the line too, but I just don’t find MMA all that entertaining. When Lesner came back, I’ll admit, I was a little amped to see him again. Then I saw the Cena match, relised just how much they were going to use this MMA thing as an angle, and just couldn’t get into it. I find the fights to be dull and just two guys laying down on a mat.

    Getting off of the MMA topic though, the fact is, Lesner is a just a tough sissy. He quits whenever he doesn’t get his way. If he goes back to MMA, pft, fine. When he gets beat by Cain Valesquez, Junior Dos Santos, or whatever other top teir heavyweight Dana decides would be a money match up, he’ll just quit again.

    I will defend him a little bit, and state that he does not like traveling. You know what, I understand that, so I can fully understand why he wants to enter MMA. The travel schedule is much more lax and he can spend much more time with his family, at this point though, I’m just wondering how long it will be before he decides to just hang it up (in both sports) for good and just stay at home with his family.

  12. Ostego says:

    I don’t get it. Undertaker breaks character all the time when they spot him at UFC events. What’s the big deal?

  13. Deathedge says:


    No one thinks Taker will ditch for MMA. There’s a good chance Lesner would. That’s the big deal.

  14. Andy says:

    @ all of you.

    It’s awesome how you all know someone do well, that you’ve never met. None of you know what is actually going on backstage. Everybody just assumes. When you assume, you make an ‘ass’ out of ‘u’ and ‘me’. Fact of the matter is, Beock is under contract. Brock still goes out and gets pinned, sells moves and plays by Wwe’s rules. Even when the crowd is booing the hell out of him during his last match (Goldberg). He’s way more professional than you all think. Don’t you all know 90% of Internet wrestling news are just rumors and heresy?

  15. Chris James says:

    Taker is too old for MMA. If he started with it, he’d dominate. I’m sure of it. But Brock still can. And Dana is a reasonable dude.. He’d sign him. Isn’t this kinda what tna was mad at wwe for because of flair? Except tna has no say or relevance or credibility or balls or anything.

  16. Chris James says:

    It’s the worst timing because Brock doesn’t NEED anyone. Everyone NEEDS Brock. And he knows it.

  17. Deathedge says:

    @Chris James

    No one “needs” Brock. UFC could market behind Jon “Bones” Jones and still rake in ridicously big pay days. Yes, the heavyweight division isn’t the best in the world, but it’s never been the best part of MMA anyway. WWE, and I mean this in the most litereal sense of the term, sure as hell doesn’t need Brock.

    It’s like CM Punk said when he did the pipe bomb, I can’t quote it perfectly, but I do recall him saying that he knew that even after he left the wheels would keep on turning just fine without him and the exact same goes for Lesner. Bare in mind that Brock will NEVER sign a full time contract with the WWE unless he has too (and he knows full well he doesn’t)

    Now, there’s this imagination that Lesner is some kind of big money draw, and you know what, maybe he is. But how many fights can a guy lose, how many attempts at fame can a guy attempt to have until people just say “What… a… joke.”?

  18. Steveoreno says:

    This is starting to look like when they briefly brought back the Warrior in the 90s to much hype and then he no showed and they ended up firing his ass.

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