MMA By The Numbers: Kenny ‘Ken Flo’ Florian

Jun 6, 2012 - by staff

Kenny ‘Ken Flo’ Florian has announced he is stepping away from the octagon and retiring from active competition. The 36-year-old Westwood Massachusetts native made the announcement during the weigh-ins for The Ultimate Fighter Live Season Finale after being instructed by multiple doctors to retire due to extensive injuries. Florian is ending a 10-year mixed martial arts career that started back in 2002. He is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighter trained by Keith Florian and was a member of the Florian Martial Arts Center and Tristar Gym. Over his decade long career he fought as a middleweight, welterweight, lightweight and most recently a featherweight competitor.

After only 3 professional fights he joined Season 1’s cast of the UFC’s The Ultimate Fighter competing as a middleweight. Over the last 7-years competing for the organization he became known as a finisher with razor sharp elbow strikes. He is the only fighter in UFC history to compete in 4-different weight classes. He fought twice for UFC Lightweight Championship losing to both Sean Sherk and B.J. Penn. This past October he also fought for the UFC Featherweight Championship in a losing effort to Jose Aldo. Kenny Florian will remain with the UFC working as commentator which is a position he has been transitioning to over the last few years.

Below we look at the professional mixed martial arts career of Kenny ‘Ken Flo’ Florian by the numbers…

Ultimate Fighting Championship:

* 9 Fights on UFC Pay-Per-View with a record of 5-4.

* 2 Main Event Fights on UFC Pay-Per-View.

* 2 Events As A Commentator on UFC Pay-Per-View.

* 4 Fights ( 19th Most All-Time ) on UFC The Ultimate Fighter with a record of 3-1. (First Fight: March 21st 2005 Vs Chris Leben Last Fight: June 24th 2006 Vs Sam Stout)

* 2 Main Event Fights on UFC The Ultimate Fighter.

* 4 Fights ( 7th Most All-Time ) on UFC Ultimate Fight Night with a record of 4-0. (First Fight: April 5th 2007 Vs Dokonjonosuke Mishima Last Fight: March 31st 2010 Vs Takanori Gomi)

* 3 Main Event Fights ( 2nd Most All-Time ) on UFC Ultimate Fight Night. (First Main Event Fight: December 19th 2007 Vs Din Thomas Last Main Event Fight: March 31st 2010 Vs Takanori Gomi)

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