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Jun 6, 2012 - by staff

The Ultimate Fighting Championship has released for the second time Season 8’s winner of The Ultimate Fighter Efrain Escudero. The 26-year-old San Luis Rio Colorado Sonora Mexico native was on his second go around with the UFC where he has worked just under 3-years total. Escudero became The Ultimate Fighter back in 2008 after defeating Phillipe Nover in the lightweight finals. After having mediocre success he was first released by the UFC in September of 2010 after failing to make weight and a loss to Charles Oliveira. He returned to the UFC late last year but his second release comes after losing his first two fights.

Efrain Escudero is a wrestling based and kickboxing fighter who trains with team M.M.A. Lab. Prior to joining the UFC and after his first released he fought mostly in the Rage In The Cage organization but has fought for other companies as well. In October of 2011 he also competed for Bellator picking up a victory over fighter Cesar Avila. Efrain Escudero’s career record currently stands at 18-5.

Below we look at the professional mixed martial arts career of Efrain Escudero by the numbers…

Ultimate Fighting Championship:

* 4 Fights on UFC The Ultimate Fighter with a record of 4-0.

* 3 Main Event Fights on UFC The Ultimate Fighter.

* 3 Fights ( 11th Most All-Time ) on UFC Preliminary Live with a record of 2-1. (First Fight: September 19th 2009 Vs Cole Miller Last Fight: April 21st 2012 Vs Mac Danzig)

* 1 Main Event Fight on UFC Preliminary Live.

* 2 Fights on UFC Ultimate Fight Night with a record of 0-2.

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