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What happened when Raw went off the air

After Raw went off the air, John Cena called out The Big Show. Johnny Ace came out and announced himself, David Otunga and Big Show vs. Cena in a handicap match.

Show never tagged in. Cena pinned Otunga and nailed the AA on Ace to end the show.

Credit: Devin Cox & PWInsider

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  1. HBK Fan says:

    Besides the fact that Show was “not in the building”. Let’s overlook that for just a second.

    WHY is this stuff NOT on TV? It would have been a much better ending then Cena vs. Cole.

    With the invention of things like mass media devices, the internet, facebook, and Twitter, you would think that these dark matches would make it into the program by now. Kayfabe be damned, we’re obviously going to hear about these things anyway so why not get the extra points in the ratings by airing this much more stomachable ending to Raw? Get your act together WWE, you’re still the top dog of pro-wrestling but man, you’re not making people go watch TNA, you’re just making them not watch wrestling in general and that’s bad for business.

  2. Chris says:

    um, wasn’t the big show announced as “having the night off” ? Another reason why the post Raw matches need to end.

    Another week, another Johnny Ace gaff on the mic. He mentioned about everyone’s job being evaluated (leaving Cole and Cena to have clueless looks in the ring), and then, one segment later, Ace is shocked to hear that Vince is coming to Raw next week to grade everyone’s job.

    Ace is worse on the mic than Mike Adamle!

  3. cas says:

    its not for the TV audience, people who payed money get something a little extra. stop complainig about the fact that “show was anounced off” everyone knows he’s backstage. send the crowd home happy thats all its about. the match was still with in the storylines just not aired.

  4. Latrese says:

    I agree with HBKfan. It is great that the paying audience get something extra, but the whole cole thing coulda been done off camera to spark some comedic relief. The 3 on 1 match would have made for great ratings and it is not in WWE’s favor to have your top tier talent doing stupid things like that. Cena is too good a wrestler to have to deal with the likes of Micheal Cole who is a HUGE bag of hot air. While I admit i enjoyed seeing him embarrased I would have much rather seen the dark match. The WWE needs to remember that the crowd watching on tv one week will be the arena crowd at some time in the future, and if you don’t put what we want to see on tv, where it is accessable to them why are they going to shell out thier hard earned money to go see what they consider a mediocre product?
    Laryngitis is killing the show. He has no personality, no charisma and a voice that sounds like he swallowed a bag of rusty nails. I think that this angle has absolutely reached its end and needs to stop right now before the WWR finds itself out of business.

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