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Video: Ted Turner exposed; wants to reduce the world population

Former WCW owner and found of the Cable News Network (CNN) has been exposed as an eugenicist, meaning he believes that we should be eliminated to “save the earth.” Ted Turner has publicly stated that he supports China’s brutal one-child policy (and wants it expanded across the planet), and has even suggested that poor people should be sterilized in return for government handouts. This from a man who has five children of his own.

Isn’t it interesting that Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling product used a group of invading former WWE superstars dubbed the “New World Order,” when Turner himself is apart of the real New World Order.

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  1. -J- says:

    ted is a batman villain.

  2. PBJ says:

    Ted is a smart man, I may get some flack for saying that but I agree with his stance 100%. China is becoming the most powerful nation because they get rid of dead weight.

  3. Deathedge says:

    Wasn’t that really the morale of Captain Planet? A majority of humanity is destroying the earth, so we should be eradicated to save it. I mean, I know it had all that “how you could change your behavior” crap, but really, that’s the vibe the TV Show always gave me…

  4. Really? says:

    This explains why he never started another wrestling company after the no-compete clause ran out. He was hoping fans, left with no well-known options but the post-Attitude era WWE, would commit mass suicide. Turner, you diabolical…

  5. brandon says:

    Soon all these people who think Alex Jones is a nut and stuff will be looking to him for help. Sheeple lol

  6. Chawn Polingk says:

    Ted Turner is truly ONE… ONLY ONE of the truly evil men, the mini Anti-Christs in the world today! He should set an example of world depopulation by killing himself! Then maybe his eco-Fascist message would gain some credibility! Surely these Bilderbergs… World government accolytes, these idiots and Satanists would want to show the veracity of their stupid and outlandish beliefs by being the first to sacrifice their lives for the ‘world’!

  7. smartbus says:

    SAVE THE BISON! KILL THE PEOPLE! Makes perfect sense.

  8. Andrew says:

    Overpopulation is a lie. The truth is that if you gave everyone a third of an acre of land, ideally you could fit everyone in the US and have the rest of the world to use for whatever.

  9. Joseph says:

    @Andrew, your math is mostly right, but the concept is totally wrong. You can’t put people in the swamps (Everglades), in Death Valley, and it would be a bad idea to cut down all the trees in Oregon to move people in.

    In reality, the world is overpopulated. I’m not going to proclaim to have all the answers, but the idea is correct. And yes, I have a degree in Political Science, so I have studied this.

  10. Ted Turner is right and wrong says:

    Eugenics get’s a bad rap because of Nazi Germany, but Nazi Germany actually based much of it’s Eugenics program on the success of the American program which saw IQ’s, lifespan and overall population health increase across all classes and ethnic groups before other nations. Compassionate Eugenics is going to be a necessity in the not too distant future to prevent overpopulation and mass famine as well as devolution. We already practice tenants of Eugenics with screenings for potential parents who can decide if it is worth the risk of having children based on genetic diseases they may pass down to their children. We already have laws designed so that many people who are developmentally disabled cannot give free consent to sex. That we still reward people who can’t provide for their children flies in the face of sanity.

    Ted Turner is essentially right that the world is overpopulated, though his motives may be suspect and in line with tyrannical world government. I disagree with him that you need forced one child policies. Children are not bad. Children are the future, but it all about responsibility and the ability to care for those children. One child policies did work in China in the short term and it is no one else’s business when the mantra in the West is abortion on demand. The 1st and 2nd world has for the most part self regulated its population growth. It is only the 3rd world that has not yet gotten with the program of responsible breeding and they already have more people than they can handle now or for the foreseeable future. It that is the path they choose, it is foolish to continue to give aid to nations that cannot handle their population growth without using emigration or foreign aid as a release valve, just as it is foolish to reward people in Western nations who abuse the welfare rolls. People have to learn to self regulate as if there is no safety net to fall back on or there will be in the not so distant future no safety net available for anyone. World future will be that of Brazil, with both its wealth and its teeming slums of forgotten people that society cannot possibly provide for and remain viable.

    There is an entire subculture of people who have learned to abuse the system by sitting on their butts and pumping out children they can’t take care of and it crosses all ethnic and national lines. All you are doing is perpetuating the conditions that lead to misery, poverty and famine. The most chronic abusers absolutely should be sterilized in return for any benefits they receive. If they refuse, they should simply lose their monthly checks and their children if they can’t take care of them on their own. If you don’t work, never seriously attempt any meaningful employment and yet have 6 dependent children, precisely because you get more money per child, it is irresponsible and the rest of society should not be punished for your irresponsibility, nor should the children. It is no different than the state taking children away from parents who physically or sexually abuse their kids. Taking care of children does not mean providing them with a college education or fancy clothes and the latest gadgets, but it does mean being able to give them enough food to survive on without aid. I always here the same lame argument in regards to Eugenics of who decides? Ultimately the person decides via their responsibility or irresponsibility, if the person is irresponsible or unable to make decision because of mental or physical ability, then the state must decide as an extension of societies right not to be unnecessarily burdened.

  11. Ted Turner is right and wrong says:

    “Overpopulation is a lie. The truth is that if you gave everyone a third of an acre of land, ideally you could fit everyone in the US and have the rest of the world to use for whatever.”

    And you would run out of water and available resources to sustain those people long before you gave everyone their acre of land. We created a dust bowl in the great plains precisely because of this type of thinking. Overpopulation is not a lie, it is a fact that overpopulation = death. We understood this before Nazi Germany took Eugenics to the extreme, and actually did not even practice sensible Eugenics but ethnic warfare, political persecution and genocide under the cover of Lebensraum. It is no different today than the ethnic cleansing taking place in Palestinian land under the claim of securing Israel for the Jewish state. Kind of ironic really.

  12. It is a one child policy, if you are allowed to live. The elitist scum crowd up annually at the Bilderberg meetings, and deploy plans to shut down our economies, put us into financial slavery and bondage, take away our rights and freedoms (such as they planning to take away our internet freedoms), reduce world population, and essentially take over the planet. Their plan is to ELIMINATE 80 to 90% of the existing world population. If you are “lucky” enough to be allowed to live, you become a slave of the globalists. Obama signed NDAA – the National Defense Authoritarian Act, which allows the feds to secretly arrest you without a warrant or a trial. You could be sent to a FEMMA camp, a re-education center, Gitmo, or even worse.

    The model is China. One child policy, not allowed to own property, no second amendment, and basic slavery. Those suicide nets (to prevent works from committing suicides) surrounding the factories in China where they are making your iPads and Playstations are coming here. The whole global warming nonsense was apart of this moment. Blame man for global change, and force him to reduce his carbon footprint. Global warming has been debunked, and now they move on to their next plan to jack up our living experiences, take away our liberties, and make us totally dependent on the government. The government that has been bought and paid for by the globalists – that control both political parties in the United States. Check and see who funds Mitt Romney, and then who funds Barrack Obama.

    I want to be free, I do not want to live in a world where I am told I have no rights – I can not own a gun, I can not own property, I can not have more than one child, etc. I do not want fluoride in my water, chem trails over my head, drones spying on the taxpayers who fund them, vaccines that sterilizes us or cause cancer or autism, wars that never end, etc. I do not want my government shipping guns into Mexico and blaming the second amendment, or openly growing opium in Afghanistan. I do not want young children, senior citizens, and other law abiding people harassed by the TSA. I do not want domestic check points on highways.

    You should want to be free, if we lose freedom, what do we have? A total totalitarian world.

    Ted Turner is not right, he is a globalist stooge and a hypocrite.

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