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TNA’s hall of fame logo

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  1. xLx says:

    …Hey TNA, how about first you make your company financially in the black and stable before you introduce a hall of fame. #JustSayin

  2. brandon says:

    Whoever designed that must have ate too many tootsie pops with Eric Young.

  3. Tim Zyla says:

    I could have swore “TNA” tried rebranding their product as “Impact Wrestling” a while back. Why do they not follow through with ideas?

  4. Craptacular says:

    A lame logo for a lame idea… for a lame HOF made for recycled wrestlers… ja ja ja

  5. Ky stud says:

    Well after the low ratings the past yr. I would think the Logo would be a toliet with a wad of money in it as it is being flushed.

  6. Mr. Black says:

    If the flying elvises aren’t in the first class then they’re gonna receive an earful from yours truly.

  7. eddie says:

    Gotta love idiot marks

  8. -J- says:

    eddie that’s pretty much all you ever say, tna robot…btw the logo f’n sucks.

  9. That actually looks really nice. Looking forward to who goes in first.

  10. DBRude says:

    I don’t know about the HOF itself, but the logo looks legit.

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