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How Impact will kick off Thursday night

Dixie Carter via Twitter:

I will publicly address the situation from last week’s Impact, LIVE this Thursday right at the start of the show at 8pm

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5 Responses

  1. Really? says:

    I wish she meant the Joey Ryan debacle instead of the cheesy adultery angle.

  2. loo s says:

    The way IMPACT should open is with a John Cena promo….oops sorry I thought you wrote how TNA wishes it would open on Thursday…….

  3. Well.... says:

    It will start better than RAW finished i know that much.

  4. Well.... says:

    Thank god TNA is a seperate brand honestly.

  5. frank says:

    she should start by showing off her T n A in a binki, that would draw good ratiings

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