Former OVW star now a football coach

Jun 3, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck is featuring an article on former Ohio Valley Wrestling wrestler B.J. Payne, who is now working as a coach:

Jon Heidenreich is a name Payne will likely not forget anytime soon.

“I’m not a big fan, for obvious reasons,” he joked.

It was 2001 in Louisville, and the two were taking part in a routine training session.

Yet it was anything but routine when Heidenreich brought down Payne for a slam, and the budding wrestler landed awkwardly on his head — forever altering his future.

“Right then I knew something wasn’t right,” he said. “Something just wasn’t right.”

But Payne’s football mentality forced him to work through the issue. It was the difference between being hurt or being injured, he says.

“Back then, I didn’t know how bad he was hurt,” Orton recalled. “A lot of us didn’t talk about that. You would nurse the injuries and do the best you could to get by.”

So he continued humming along, taking part in his usual matches. The only problem, though, was that the injury never left.

“I was bull-headed,” he said.

Payne learned that first-hand when he got the brief scare from Flair, as he laid motionless on the mat fearing the worst. He eventually did get up — the match was halted — but was greeted backstage by Ross and Cornette, who immediately ordered Payne to meet with a local neck specialist.

The news he got from the doctor wasn’t what he wanted to hear.

“He walked in, looked at me and said, ‘I hope you’ve got a college education. … Your wrestling career is done.’ ”

Payne didn’t want to believe it. He couldn’t believe it.

So he got a second opinion. And a third. And a fourth.

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