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Bill DeMott confirms his role with WWE

Bill DeMott via Twitter confirming reports this week.

“So here It is #demottcracy Yes! I am heading up the training in WWE DEV System . Fun and challenges ahead with the best talent up &coming;! Thank you all for the well wishes!!”

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  1. b says:

    to bad wwe has no talent, but lets put the guy who never even held a major championship in charge of training

  2. PJ aka JYD Jr says:

    Since when does winning major titles mean you can train people…??? Hogan is the top tier of wrestling and has won all major titles there is…and yet he could only teach somebody how to cut a promo and nothing more…so i wouldn’t be dissing DeMott….the guy is a hard ass that will push talent to the limit and get the best out of them.

  3. Common Cents says:

    @B he seemed like a pretty good trainer on Tough Enough[Even before the Stone Cold hosted one]. Also listen to the old adage of “If you cant play, then coach”, also it seems like the most successful trainers are not superstars[Save for a Few].

  4. cold says:

    @b, Yeah sucks that WWE would let Hugh Morrus head up developmental, HBK, Stone Cold, Edge and Dwayne Johnson, must be devastated they didn’t get that gig

  5. b says:

    i love it no matter what you say someone has to talk $hit

  6. Pieman says:

    You can’t teach people to read a crowd, which is the be all and end all of having a good match. You have to feel it.

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