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WWE planning a DX reunion?

WWE is advertising the return of DX, as in Shawn Michaels and Triple H, to Raw on 7/23 in St. Louis, MO which is the 1000th episode of the show. The Wrestling Observer is reporting that WWE is reaching out to former stars to be apart of the first weekly three hour edition of Raw.

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  1. bah says:

    Ratings sliding, WWE panicking…

  2. Kerry says:

    If they’re going to do a DX reunion, they should do it right & bring back ALL the members of the group. Except Joanie “Chyna” Laurer, that is.

  3. M.J. Wright says:

    Chyna was a part of DX so really doing it “right” would mean including her. Doing it ‘right’ by WWE standards is just Shawn and Triple H.

  4. bup says:

    That couldn’t interest me less.

  5. -J- says:

    wow i hope its the awesome version with hornswoggles!

  6. Tyler says:

    In my honest opinion if there gonna get like former superstars they should deffianately have people that brought good ratings.

  7. beast says:

    Doing it “right” would be bringing Rick Rude back from the dead. He was an original DX member.

  8. Deathedge says:

    Patially an attempt to get ratings, partially an attempt to advertise WWE 13. I think all you really need is X-Pac, the New Age Outlaws, and Chyna would be preferred but highly unlikely. Yes, Rick Rude was a part of it, but I don’t know how many people think Rick Rude when they think of D-X. Heck, if you want to be REALLY nit-picky about doing this right, don’t we also need Tori?

  9. Fisha695 says:

    It’s the 1000th ep of RAW, anybody who thinks that DX & Other former wrestlers/groups (who are alive, not with TNA/ROH & Not Blacklisted) wouldn’t be brought in/mentioned for it is not actually thinking… l0l

    I expect DX (including RoadDogg, hopefully Billy Gunn), Bret Hart, The Rock (via Satellite), Brock, Austin, Flair (this is when he’ll make his WWE redebut), Slaughter, Jimmy Hart, The Sheik, Hacksaw, Brooklyn Brawler, Doink, Taker will return, Foley, Edge, George “The Animal” Steele, Jimmy Snuka, Jesse Ventura & many many others to make appearances.

  10. Jake says:

    The only thing that would make a DX reunion worth while would be a Hart Foundation reunion on the same night.

    Nothing would happen, but the two being on the same show would be cool

  11. Chris Epic says:

    At least include Road Dogg since he’s with WWE. No need to over do it or get anyones hopes up with one night returns.

  12. aag44 says:

    Bring Steve Blackman back and put him in a tag-team match with Derrick Bateman!! 😀

  13. Deathedge says:

    My Predictions for guest appearances

    D-Generation X (HHH, HBK, Road Dogg, Billy Gunn, X-Pac)
    The McMahon Family (All except for MAYBE Linda. My hope for Shane is slim, but there)
    Gene Okerlund
    Jim Ross
    Howard Finkle
    Lex Lugar (Going out on a big limb with him)
    Ted Dibiase and IRS
    Dusty Rhodes
    Hacksaw Jim Duggan
    Koko B. Ware
    Mick Foley
    George Steele
    Jimmy Snuka
    Maybe Bobby Heenan (another big limb)
    Sgt. Slaughter
    Roddy Piper
    Bret Hart
    Steve Austin
    The Rock (and, as Fisha665 said, via Satellite)

    And that’s it… the list is big, but seeing how WWE tends to scrunge up guest appearances into segments, I could see alot of those names popping up.

    Oh, and I will also go out and predict a gimmick Battle Royal will take place.

  14. dooman says:


  15. -J- says:

    Maybe Undertaker will show up for a one off appearance too.

  16. Dustin says:

    I think they might do it right by bringing back everybody from DX’s past like X-pac, Road Dogg, and Mr A** and maybe chyna but they might bring back everybody from the reincarnations over the years

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