Wrestling By The Numbers: Don West‏

Jun 2, 2012 - by staff

Wrestling By The Numbers: Don West

TNA Wrestling has parted ways with their current Head Of Merchandise and former long-time commentator Don West. The 48-year-old Chicago Illinois native had been with TNA Wrestling for the last 10-years since it’s inception back in June of 2002. He commentated the company’s first pay-per-view event alongside Mike Tenay and Ed Ferrera and held that position until 2009 when he was replaced by Taz. West became known for his extremely high energy style and his catchphrase ‘You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me!’ to describe exciting events.

Prior to joining TNA Wrestling Don West worked for an internet marketing website WildWestDeals.com and later worked as a host on The Shop At Home Network. He also hosted his own sports talk radio show on WNSR out of Nashville Tennessee. When he was hired by Jeff Jarrett to be a commentator for the new upstart company back in 2002, he had no outside wrestling experience. He was contacted back in 2000 by Vince Russo who offered him a job with the struggling World Championship Wrestling but West declined the job opportunity at the time.

Below we look at the professional wrestling career of Don West by the numbers…

TNA Wrestling:

* 168 Events As A Commentator ( 2nd Most All-Time ) on TNA Pay-Per-View. (First Event: June 19th 2002 Weekly Pay-Per-View Last Event: 2009 Hard Justice Commentating Partners: Mike Tenay, Ed Ferrera, Scott Hudson, Bobby Heenan, Frank Trigg, Mick Foley, Curtis Granderson)

* 2 Matches Managed on TNA Pay-Per-View.

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