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What should have been a great match pulled from Slammiversary card

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  1. Kerry says:

    And yet again TNA makes a decision that makes no sense.

  2. RVD420 says:

    take the best match off the card makes sense yup

  3. Jamie says:

    I haven’t watched Impact this week – was any reason given?

  4. art123guy says:

    Sorry to burst everyone’s bubble, but it DOES make sense.

    I mean, when was this even announced? I haven’t seen ANY build up. Hopefully TNA realized that and pulled it (again, if it was ever announced) so that these two can have a lengthy program together.

    If this match did take place, everyone would complain that there was no build up. TNA just can’t win with the fans.

  5. Tyler says:

    TNA is stupid for removing. This is why Im starting to stick with Ring of Honor and the independents because WWE and TNA are svrewing up.

  6. Will Henderson says:

    they pulled it due to announcing it too soon. they haven’t develop the feud yet. so it’s pretty much they prematurely announced it.

  7. Jon says:

    I only keep up with TNA by reading gerweck’s recaps so I’m in no position to post my thoughts on this match. However I agree with the ones who commented that this feud should be given a proper build up in order to make it epic. Just because you have two great wrestlers doesn’t mean you should just throw them in a match. For example …

    Cena vs Punk – There was tremendous build up for this match. Cena is not a great wrestler but because they had a good build up for this match it was praised by both casual fan and IWC fans alike.

    Bryan vs Punk – This feud was just given three weeks to build up. While IWC fans had some time to salivate the casual fans just didn’t have that much invested in this storyline. Because of this the match wasn’t given that much attention and lost it’s luster. Even if they have a rematch again the thought going in is “it’s just another match”

    Bryan vs Regal – This match came out of nowhere in NXT and so while on paper it sounds great no one actually gives a damn about it (except for the hardcore IWC fans)

  8. Drew says:

    TNA’s booking and creative drive me crazy >:O

  9. cold says:

    Sabin VS Aries

  10. The Legend Killer says:

    They pulled out the match because Hogan needs that 15 minutes for talk some crap.

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