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WWE reportedly in panic mode with this week’s Raw rating

Despite the announcement of Randy Orton being suspended for sixty days, the big story yesterday internally in World Wrestling Entertainment was the dismissal 2.7 cable rating, the lowest rating of the year. Obviously, WWE’s rating was hurt by the History channel’s “Hatfields and McCoys” and the NBA play offs, and for a change, didn’t feature John Cena. Dave Meltzer described the reaction as a total panic when the rating came in. The Daniel Bryan vs. CM Punk match saw a decline in viewership in the second hour, and the Alberto Del Rio vs. Santino Marella match drew one of the lowest quarter hour ratings in years. This week’s edition aired on Memorial Day, however, the overall viewership on Monday night was only down two percent, thus the show still wouldn’t have earned a 3.0 rating.

Click here for the 2012 wrestling/MMA TV ratings grid.

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  1. Chris Epic says:

    Jim instead of looking at WWE for RoH’s style, how about u look at oh idk RoH. The company proves a lof considering how much its growing, stars it producing & even having guys jump back occasionally. Even Aries said its grown so much RoH is only a few thousand dollars behind TNA now. & smark is the proper term I think u 2 of all people would know that.

  2. AJ Starr says:

    Juan, it doesn’t matter what else is on TV, and I’m so SO sick of people using other TV shows as an excuse for terrible booking.

    NFL? Who gives a crap?

    If the WWE were producing anything people wanted to see, they wouldn’t be tuning out!

    I love Walking Dead. If that show were on during Raw, guess which I’d watch? The one with the better quality product.

    You choose to watch which YOU think is the better program, and obviously, the people do not have the mindset that RAW is better than anything else on during that time frame.

  3. Bommaniac says:

    Why are the ratings bad…
    The same cookie cutter arrogant heel stereotype. The monster that wins 100 matches in a row, each match under 2 minutes. Women that are hired for their looks and not their ability. Extremely limited movesets. No cruiserweight division. No proper stables. Singles thrown together as tag teams. Supershows, Raw talent should stay on Raw and Smackdown talent on Smackdown. Call the moves the wrestlers are doing. Space out the PPVs so feuds can develop. Stop shoving twitter and facebook down everyone’s throats. PG. No blood. No sexual innuendo. No swearing. No high risk moves. Everything is too politically correct.

    Above all, I think WWE is too much focused on statistics to make their shows. That feedback is important but the creative process can’t be governed solely on numbers. Get back to entertaining and the numbers will follow.

  4. vicodin123 says:

    McCoy is taking over

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