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5/31 TNA Impact Wrestling Recap

* Live from Orlando, FL

(1) TNA World Champion Bobby Roode vs. Sting in a lumberjack match. The two go at it seconds before the bell rings. Kurt Angle, Austin Aries, Crimon, RVD, Eric Young, Jeff Hardy, Mr. Anderson, are among the lumberjacks that surround the ring. Early Stinger splash attempt unsuccessful. RVD helped to toss champion Roode back into the ring in the early moments of the match up. As Sting battles the lumberjacks on the outside of the ring, we take our first commercial break.

Announcer say that during the break, Roode had been all over the Stinger. Sting gains control, and hits the Stinger splash in the corner. Sting dove over the top rope onto the lumberjacks. Fans start a “TNA, TNA” chant. Roode applied a crossface, as the fans chant “let’s go Sting.” Sting gets the break by getting to the ropes. Scorpion death drop, into a Scorpion death lock by Sting. Roode taps at 13:37. Sting wins.

General Manager Hulk Hogan makes his way to the ring after the lumberjack match. Hogan said Stinger is Impact’s #1 man. Hogan announces that Roode will defend the TNA title at Slammiversary against Sting. Hopefully Roode doesn’t bring his lawyer to the PPV as he does at house shows and makes it a non-title match.

For tonight:
– AJ Styles vs. Daniels
– Devon vs. ? (fans decide)
– Brooke Hogan is in the house

– We see a promo backstage with Madison Rayne saying she will get along fine with Brooke Hogan.

– In the ring, Bully Ray is looking for Joseph Parks. Who is sitting in the crowd eating popcorn. Bully Ray wants the truck to show what happened last week, with Ray attacking Parks in the ring with a chain. Bully Ray wants to fight Parks right now. Parks, dressed in a suit, doesn’t want to fight. Ray says he is a crowd, as is his mother, father, and brother Abyss. Security grabs Parks, but Ray tells security to ring. Parks gets into the ring, as the fans encourage him to “fight, fight, fight.” Parks doesn’t want to fight. Ray changes his plea to guilty for leaving Abyss for dead. Parks grabs Ray, but Bully Ray says if he gets hit by Parks, he’ll sue him. “Hit him, hit him” shouted the fans. But Parks says he will not stump to his level. Bully Ray said like his brother, Parks is a crowd. Ray walks away, but Parks says lets fight right now. Bully Ray says they will fight at Slammiversary. I guess he has booking power in TNA.

– Up next, Austin Aries vs. Chris Sabin for the X-division title.

– We see a video package for Crimson. Crimson says he can’t be beat.

(2) X-division title match: Austin Aries vs. Chris Sabin. Mike Tenay did acknowledge that Sabin has been predominately a tag team wrestler with partner Alex Shelley in recent times, but put over that Sabin is a four time X-division champion. Aries connects with a suicide dive, knocking Sabin into the security fence. Great missile drop kick by Aries. Sabin gets the upper hand, and baseball slides the champion out of the ring. Aries pins Sabin at 3:49 to retain the X-division title. Way too short for these guys.

– We see a recorded segment with Hulk Hogan talking to Taz about Gut Check. Hogan thanks Taz, Taz thanks him. Hogan wants him to call it like he sees it. Hogan said that Gut Check is the future of the company.

– We see Al Snow, Bruce Pritchard, and Taz looking at TNA Gut Check tapes in Nashville yesterday. They are evaluating Joey Ryan.

– Up next, Brooke Hogan.

– Backstage, Hardy, RVD, Anderson, and Robbie E are with Jeremy Borash. We will find out soon who will get the TNA TV title shot at Devon. JB encourages to vote quickly at

– Dixie Carter makes her way to the ring. Carter says we are days way from TNA turning 10 years ago. Dixie thanks the fans. She said at Slammiversary, they will announce the first inductee into the TNA HALL OF FAME. You read that correctly. Carter said Brooke Hogan was born into the wrestling business and introduces Brooke Hogan as the next executive in charge of the Knockout division. Carter is very excited for Brooke being apart of the company. Brooke thanks the fans for welcoming her. Brooke said she is passionate, and grew up in wrestling. She thanks Carter, and the knockouts.

– Backstage, Daniels and Kazarian can’t believe their ears.

– Up next, Devon vs. ?

– We relived Christian Cage coming to TNA.

(3) TNA Television title match: Devon vs. Jeff Hardy. Backstage, JB revealed that Jeff Hardy had won the fan voting, and will face Devon for the title. Jumping neck breaker by Devon, but only a two count. “Lets go Hardy, Lets Devon” chants the fans. Robbie T and Robbie E interferes and attacking both Devon and Hardy. Devon gains the upper hand, and Hardy & Devon clear the ring. The match is officially thrown out at 4:20. Guess RVD should have gotten the title shot.

– We see James Storm at his home with his horse and daughter. He says it doesn’t get any better than this. Storm talks about losing to Bobby Roode in Nashville. Storm said he doesn’t like letting people down. She doesn’t want to let Dixie Carter down. Ryan questions Prichard denying 87% of the TNA fan base wanting his services.

– We see a recap of the AJ/Dixie, Kaz/Daniels storyline.

– In the ring, Pritchard, Snow, and Taz with JB judging Gutcheck participant Joey Ryan. Ryan said he is trending world wide on Twitter, and said he is a big deal and people know him. Pritchard says no to Joey Ryan. Al Snow doesn’t like Ryan, but he says yes to Ryan. Ryan questions Pritchard saying no with 87% of the TNA fan base wanting his services. Ryan and Taz get into a verbal jousting, and ultimately Taz says no.

– Up next, AJ Styles vs. Daniels. Wrestling matters? Not much time devoted to wrestling thus far.

– We see Bobby Roode talking about doing it all, and becoming the longest reigning TNA champion.

(4) AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels. As Daniels kicks Styles on the outside of the ring, we go to a commercial break. Kazarian distracted AJ, but Styles regained the upper hand and hit the Styles Clash for the victory at 10:31. After the match, Styles and Kazarian beat down Styles, but Kurt Angles came out to make the save. Ankle lock applied on Kazarian, but Daniels hit a low blow on Angle. High Low on Angle. Daniels and Kazarian tie Angle to the ropes, and beat him down. Daniels grabs the mic, and fans chant “you suck.” Daniels said they have proof of the Styles-Dixie Carter relationship. They play a taped phone call between Daniels and Styles. Carter comes out and tells them to cut it off. “You are finished” is the last words we hear Carter yelling.

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48 Responses

  1. Big Dave says:

    Props to tna for giving Christian props!

  2. RJ Ace says:

    I don’t know, I usually prefer WWE but they’ve been awful lately. I was hoping tonight, TNA would be a lot better with it being liive but I’ve been seriously disappointed thus far. TNA launching their own hall of fame should be a huge deal and it was pretty much glossed over by the end of the Brooke Hogan announcement. This doesn’t feel any different than the taped show.

  3. -J- says:

    They might as well stay tapped, and save the money.

  4. dave says:

    “We’re live! Let’s prerecord a bunch of sh!t and promote our version of X-Factor with more time than an X-Division match”

    And the X-Division is the ONLY reason TNA was able to move away from weekly PPV’s.

    I know so many smart/casual fans say they could do better but I think the collective efforts of the regular, sane Gerweck posters on here could actually do better.

  5. Big Dave says:

    Thanks dave^

  6. Deathedge says:

    @RJ Ace

    Yeah… I had a brain fart. I thought before the show it was for the belt, and I forgot that that assumption was wrong when I made the comment. xD Sorry.

  7. Big Dave says:

    So theres an affair going on….I would too Dixie’s hot!

  8. -J- says:

    oh yeah AJ is tagging that dixie, crossing the line where wrestling matters…and it matters so much, dixie’s acting at the end was phenomenal!

    Where the TNA fanboys at tonight…did you just love it???

  9. Zach says:

    @Dave, I’ve been visiting this site for over a decade, and I’d have to say no you nor anyone else on here could book a successful weekly show. All in all I’m a Impact wrestling fan, I’d say for those who aren’t but like to hate, just keep hating but don’t turn the channel 😀

  10. ImaPaulHeymanGuy says:

    Agreed Zach

  11. -J- says:

    sat through that sh*t and they didn’t even air the best part of TNA, the knockouts.

  12. RayM407 says:

    Dixie announces that they will have a HOF. Does not mention anything else. Brings out Brooke but no knockouts wrestling. They interview a knockout that was pointless. 4 matches in 2 hours. TV title should have been a 4 way. They need young guns wrestling not 53 year old Sting. Use Sting as a attraction not main event status. Push a Crimson vs Roode at bound for glory. Have Crimson hunting him now. Samoa Joe looks like he doesn’t even care anymore. Great talent in the back with idiots running the show

  13. smartbus says:

    @ Zach for starters don’t book Brooke Hogan as a real part of the company. Not even a guest host she hasn’t done anything relevant in media in a while. And wish they would stop cramming all this new news into one show it’s too much nothing stands out.

  14. jon says:

    I want to say this, i have watched TNA before, Tonight i said, ok lets give them another chance to show to me that maybe one day they could maybe possibly compete with WWE. Well, i’ll say this, i was disapointed, From the opening match that saw old man sting beat the younger champion to the announcement of a tna hall of fame to hulk hogan coming out at the begining and stealing the limelight away again from, ok this time it was sting, but really you had half the roster out there and hogan stole their spotlight again. From brooke hogan, who is irrelevant to me and everyone i know, she’s not a wrestler so why is she in charge of the womans division? seriously? wheres the reality?GIRL POWER? wtf?

    TNA could have made a new fan tonight but they failed, WWE has nothing to worry about with these guys around. Sorry TNA fans but i can honestly say after watching this, lets look at it through the eyes of someone never watching TNA before, hey look theres all the guys wwe fired and a bunch of guys who well, who are they? oh they are just irrelevant background characters to stars of the 80’s like hogan and sting. Thats seriously what i would think if that was my first time watching. I would not watch again next week. It’s just, i think part of the problem is the impact wrestling arena, just looks fake, am i watching TNA or WWE NXT at full sail university? must be TNA cuz NXT spoilers say they actually had more than 15 minutes of wrestling.

    Joey Ryan? wwe needs to sign him now. :) just saying, i know he’s used as enhancement talent but wwe could really stick it to TNA by signing him and pushing him, you know that gimmick would get over in wwe. You just know it would.

  15. jon says:

    the gutcheck thing is a cheap knock off of wwe tough enough but rigged even more. ofcourse joey ryan wouldnt get 3 yes’s, he doesnt wrestle for ovw, TNA’s developmental league like alex silva or whoever does. Good concept but too rigged for me. Taz and Al snow and brother love as judges? lol snow, ok i get but taz and brother love? c’mon.

  16. jon says:

    should Joey Ryan have a hall of fame? he’s been wrestling for 12 years, thats longer than TNA’s been around.

  17. Neumanrko9 says:

    I agree with jon on how the Impact Zone looks fake, if TNA took their shows on the road live then we’re talking, that place just gets worse by the minute. As a fan of any kind of professional wrestling we should all hope for TNA to succeed so it can maybe one day give competition to the WWE which makes all the companies better all around.

  18. Rapida says:

    Why not Taz? I know its rigged but he was a tough enough trainer and a trainer at the ECW house of hardcore…

  19. cenanation says:

    Dave is a wwe mark!

  20. Craig says:

    So there are 4 matches, a they have two title matches, one last 3 minutes, the other is a no contest, only one match was one on one with no interference, and the only ‘knockouts’ on the show was Brooke Hogan and Dixie Carter, what a f****** joke, TNA really needs to nearly die, so someone can see there is potential there, buy it, and take it away from anyone who’s last name is Carter, Hogan or Bischoff

  21. Meh says:

    Styles beats Daniels again. Groan.

    How many times must Daniels lose to Styles? I swear that their win lost record against each other is that Styles has more wins against Daniels than Daniels does against Styles. It would nice if Styles put Daniels over more often.

  22. kent says:

    @big dave. when did they even give props to Christian? lol

  23. jon says:

    ok taz i understand, forgot he trained for ECW and on tough enough but brother love?

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