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Third possible opponent for Devon on Thursday

As noted earlier, Devon will defend the TNA Television title on Thursday’s live edition of Impact Wrestling, the question is, who will he face? TNA is announcing possible opponents leading up the show. Thus far, Rob Van Dam and Mr. Anderson have been announced as possible challengers. The fans will ultimately decide Devon’s opponent.

Third possible opponent is .. Robbie E

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  1. Michael Nowotny says:

    Lets see who would be the fourth choice, oh let me guess Robbie T, because the two faces are already there, and obviously the fans will choose between RVD and Anderson, however it is a shame that two main event caliber performers is going for such a mid card title. Who the fans would pick, who knows, RVD’s fan base and Anderson’s A##holes are pretty equal. I think Devon and RVD would be the better match, besides TNA is going all out for this live show especially bringing Sting back early from his recooperation to face Roode in a lumberjack match. Based on this, here’s my wild prediction for Slammiversary, the main event King of the Mountain for the TNA title, Roode vs. Sting vs. Hardy vs Bully Ray vs. either the one who doesnt get the TV title vote between RVD and Anderson or James Storm.

  2. Chris Epic says:

    RVD will be voted in & either beat Devon making Devon turn heel, or it’ll be some BS interference by gunner & the Robbies

  3. Joe says:

    Interference by the Robbies…. No point in watching. This show is unwatchable.

  4. Mr Booker says:

    RVD or Anderson should take that title.

    Get those Jersey Shore rip-offs away from it.

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