Dixie Carter talks big surprise, going live, Russo, Shelley, PPV buys, touring, more

May 30, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

photo credit: Lee South/Impact Wrestling

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– Sting vs. Bobby Roode in a lumberjack match to air live on Monday.

– Fans will choose Devon’s opponent for the TV title. Voting starts at 12 noon.

– Brooke Hogan will be apart of the live show.

– “Everybody is excited,” said Dixie Carter about the live show tomorrow night, and the time change. She said they have new things planned for the summer.

– Dixie said the Knockouts division is important, and she encourages fans to watch how Brooke Hogan will do as executive as of the division. This is in response to why TNA didn’t use the money to hire Fit Finlay or Jacqueline for the role with their experience in the business.

– Dixie put over the working environment in TNA. She also noted how many have said they wouldn’t last ten months, let alone ten years. Dixie admits mistakes have been made, and takes responsibility. Carter said it has been a learning curve.

– Carter said they were approached last year about expanding Impact to three hours, but didn’t think it was the best idea – quality over quantity.

– Dixie said she is not a fan of the 12 PPV format per year, and is working on contracts regarding PPVs in the future.

– The current plan is to do 12 to 13 live Impacts.

– Dixie she learned from the Monday night experiment that people watch differently today than they did in the past.

– She said competition is critical to any industry, when asked about WWE.

– She said wrestling matters, and is not a dirty word in TNA.

– She said the changes are going at warp speed, but they are ready.

– Carter said she is receiving good vibes from their house shows.

– She said the unknown element is the time change.

– Carter talked about the show will be interactive in the live format.

– She was asked about free agents such as Bella Twins, John Morrison, Melina, etc. She said they would be interested in established talent, but also put over TNA’s Gut Check in finding and developing new talents.

– Carter defended critiques of Hulk Hogan, and put over his passion. She said she is honored to have him apart of the company.

– Carter wouldn’t comment on the Ric Flair situation. She said the door is open to Alex Shelley’s return.

– Carter said she will make a big announcement – historic for the company! She said she’ll introduce Brooke Hogan on the show.

– She said they are looking forward to tour in Australia and New Zealand.

– She said follow up on storylines are important, and said its a fair criticism that they haven’t always followed through in the past.

– Carter said they may consider taking Ring Ka King to a different location.

– Carter said the wrestler’s safety is important to her.

– She said it was important to expand TNA’s presence in Germany.

– She put over TNA’s involvement with celebrities.

– Carter said they would consider taking the live Impacts on the road when it makes business sense.

– She said they don’t release PPV buy numbers because they are a private company.

– Carter said they are seeking X-Division style wrestlers.

– She said they will be bringing the steel cage for their upcoming UK tour, as its on the road to the Lockdown PPV.

– She said we’ll see more unscripted style interviews on Impact.

– Carter said the wrestlers prefer the four sided ring, rather than the six sided ring.

– She wished Vince Russo all the best in the future.

– Carter said she would like to tour Spain, even though they don’t currently have television in the country.

– Carter said they need additional programming in the United States.

– Carter said she would like to do 6 to 8 PPVs a year, but she would be happy with 10.

– When asked if she could have anyone from the competition, she said they would like to have The Rock.

– She said its hard to lose Don West.

– She said they make have a short over run, but it won’t be five to seven minutes over.

– They should be announcing for the location for Bound for Glory in the next week or so.

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