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Bobby Roode on Alex Shelley’s TNA departure

Roode via Twitter:

Best of luck to Alex Shelley, sad to see u go. BEer Money vs MCMG best of 5……never be forgotten! See u down the road.

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  1. havok says:

    some of the best tag team work i ever saw was between beer money and mcmg…best of 5 was amazing to watch

  2. -J- says:

    Classy of Roode, what will it take for TNA to wake up?

  3. Michael Nowotny says:

    I agree with J, the MCMG are a crown jewel of TNA, and for them to just willing give up on Alex Shelley is a shame, because now Sabin is on his own, still most likely not at 100%, without a partner, and leaving TNA an even thinner tag team division. Roode, though very classy in his comments, Shelley though may be headed for WWE, but after what happened to Chris Harris, Shelley better be mindful. I will throw this out there, based on his tag team experience, what if you paired Shelley with someone like a Gabriel, or Alex Riley, or Slater, or even McGillicutty, that might make a decent tag team, or if Evan Bourne comes back from the dead, you pair him with Shelley, that might work too.

  4. Chris Epic says:

    Sad that TNA let this happen, he could of had the best feud with Aries until Sabin got back, they could of helped the tag division & eventually be brought up to the ME. Oh well nice of Roode & good luck Alex Shelly or Sheldon Alexis or whatever WWE ends up calling u.

  5. James says:

    I also agree with J. Bobby did a noble sendoff. But I highly doubt he’ll go to WWE. I think he might go to Japan or ROH.

  6. A_FAX says:

    I think the only way you’ll see Alex Shelley in a wwe ring is if they go forward with plans to revive the cruiserweight title. Shelley is well under 6 foot. I realize the wwe has been utilizing smaller wrestlers ie Punk and Danielson. But Shelley being well under 6 feet tall I can only see him as a cruiserweight. Too bad. They did the returning hype video’s for the Guns and its been a total flop. I would expect to see Sabin gone soon as well. Maybe Shelley will show up in PWO. Haha Nate Mattson said the sons of michigan would be expanding soon. But I think he’s most likely to go to japan and maybe join his buddy Truth Martini in ROH. Just my thought.

  7. Joe says:

    Lol the WWE isn’t going to revive the cruiserweight title. That would be too bad of an idea even for them. Hope to see Shelley in WWE, the guy has tons of talent. Hopefully they’ll just allow him to be Alex Shelley and not “Lord Shelley”.

  8. Mr. Black says:

    I have nothing but high hopes for shelley’s future, but lets not forget that Sabin is a multiple time x division champion. With Austin Aries looking more and more like a main event player, I think Sabin would be a fresh face to revitalize the division.

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