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Booker T came out to a massive pop, while Michael Cole drew the usual massive heat. Lilian Garcia received nice applause.

There was a notable statement during the opening video. They said the WWE Championship will be defended for the first time on Smackdown in four years. They claimed it was eight years on Monday’s Raw, so which is it?

Sheamus is out first to address World Hvt. Championship match with Alberto Del Rio at No Way Out. David Otunga came out to interrupt him. He set up a replay Sheamus bowling over John Laurinaitis when he ran out to help John Cena on Raw last week. He demanded an apology. Sheamus rebuffed him.

Alberto Del Rio came out to add his two cents. Otunga stated that Del Rio would be allowed to pick Sheamus’s opponent for the night. Sheamus Brogue Kicked the hell out of Otunga. Del Rio bailed and Sheamus stood tall in the ring.

1. Sin Cara defeated Heath Slater. Sin Cara came out with new red and white ring attire and a new pyro set entrance but with the same strip club lighting. Sin Cara won with a tilt-a-whirl face buster on Slater. No botches except for a small awkward spot when his foot was caught under the rope.

There was hype for the WWE Championship match for later in the show.

Ezekiel Jackson still has a job, as he came out. Damien Sandow followed and took the mic for a promo. He blew off the match, but Zeke tossed him back in the ring and the match was underway.

2. Damien Sandow defeated Ezekiel Jackson. They traded offense and Sandow finished with his neckbreaker. He did a cartwheel in the ring.

There was a backstage segment between Dolph Ziggler and Alberto Del Rio. Ziggler wanted to be Sheamus’s opponent and got his wish. Ryback is up next. Joy.

3. Ryback beat two jobbers. The jobbers were billed as being from Alabama, so they chanted Roll Tide Roll. Ryback got a good pop when he came out as a result. Goldberg…er…Ryback finished the kids with a double muscle buster. He got an LSU chant and jogged to the ring until the reaper came out and took the meat sacks in the ring out. Same old stuff. Time for a feud or get him off TV. It’s old now.

Vickie Guerrero came out with Dolph Ziggler and vowed to end Sheamus tonight. At this point, all we’ve really gotten is matches and one backstage segment, so it will be a wrestling heavy show for Friday’s television show or they’ll tape other segments later and add them in. Sheamus came out to another massive pop. He’s really over.

4. Sheamus defeated Dolph Ziggler (w/Vickie Guerrero). The action came at a decent pace with Ziggler hitting a top rope facebuster on Sheamus. Jack Swagger ran out to help Ziggler and messed him up. He ate a Brogue Kick to end the match. You’d think a cannon went off and shot Dolph with the way he sold it. Good match. The crowd was very into the match.

Darren Young and Titus O’Neil come out for a tag match. We get a backstage segment with Striker and Punk putting over the WWE Title match. Santino Marella and Zack Ryder came out. Hey, a Ryder sighting!!!

5. Santino Marella and Zack Ryder defeated Darren Young and Titus O’Neil. Santino got a roll up in less than two minutes. Big Show came out and tossed Marella into the WWE sign on the stage. Ryder got tossed around ringside as Titus and Darren exited the arena. Show took the bigger half of the ring steps up the ramp and slammed Ryder on them. Santino got the same treatment on the steps with a Camel Clutch. Show hit him with a WMD to massive heat. Show stared out at the crowd before leaving.

There was a backstage segment with Daniel Bryan telling A.J. that C.M. Punk is only using her.

6. Cody Rhodes defeated Tyson Kidd. Poor Tyson didn’t even get a ring entrance for the live crowd. He deserves better. A nice fast paced match. Cody won in less than two minutes. Cody and Christian jawed for a minute after the match.

Kane was shown backstage and the WWE Championship match was up next.

7. C.M. Punk fought Kane to a DQ finish when Daniel Bryan interfered in a WWE Championship match. Slow and plodding at start. The crowd got into it toward the end. Daniel Bryan ran out. He’s way over. Bryan attacked both men, and the red called the bell for a DQ finish. Kane ended up chokeslamming both men at the same time.

Big Johnny comes out and declared the WWE Championship match at No Way Out a Triple Threat match.

Bryan and punk were left in the ring with AJ. Bryan tried to get her to leave with him, but she left without either one of them. Bryan slapped Punk twice. Punk gave Bryan a GTS. The fans loved it.

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