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Report: WWE superstar to get a makeover

According to The Wrestling Observer site, Lord Tensai is expected to undergo a makeover, which apparently started last week with WWE dropping his “Lord” title. The “monster” push The Big Show is receiving was originally planned for Tensai, but an audible was called when he didn’t get over with the WWE Universe.

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  1. sonia says:

    Shocked. The should make him a hairy ape and have tons of piercings oh wait….

  2. cool arrow says:

    “an audible was called when he didn’t get over with the WWE Universe”

    This sentence is an odd combination of smart and kayfabe.

  3. -J- says:

    Welcome back A-Train, or Albert.

  4. McMantium says:

    A redebuting wrestler didn’t instantly get over against main eventers? Shocking! Let him prove himself in the midcard and let fans readjust to him.

  5. raven12516 says:

    Pair him up with Brodus Clay.

  6. Rory says:

    He needs a better finisher, the claw was cool in the 80s and the mist was cool in the 90s but it’s 2012, think of something fresh and maybe he’ll get over better.

  7. Killpgnow says:

    so the near deafening chants of ATRAIN ATRAIN ATRAIN dont count?

  8. All they needed to do was acknowledge the fact that he was Albert/A-Train. Once they did that, people would have stopped those chants and he would have had a better chance.

  9. jackoff jones says:

    That’s because wwe fans are cena loving marks!

  10. Hipnosis says:

    “Didn’t Get over with the fans”

    Hey WWE…. how about you have some F**KING PATIENCE. Mordecai is more over now than when he was in WWE!

  11. Robert Barron says:

    You mean to tell me that the WWE had no idea that the former Albert wouldn’t get over with the fans!?!? How stupid can they possibly be? They’ve seen him not get over before.

  12. Science & Violence says:

    WWE WWE WWE WWE! Sucks.

  13. JD Storm says:

    when you start shoving an incoming wrestler straight into a feud with a main eventer, more often then not, it’s not going to work. there’s a reason why wrestlers start off burying jobbers and lower midcarders. i currently can’t name any monster pushes that started off with destroying main eventers.

    if you look at guys like Lesnar, Goldberg, Batista, as examples, they didn’t immediately go after main eventers. in Batista’s case, he went through a lame gimmick before getting his monster push.

    i saw a point mentioned about WWE giving up too quickly, which i feel is happening here.

  14. Adam says:

    Maybe they should’ve kept him masked…I think that even if people didn’t know about Albert that they sure as hell can’t dig a white boy ninja. They should’ve made a back story about Albert after he left WWE the first time and going to Japan to “find himself and his true wrestling greatness.” That would’ve been way better than not acknowledging who he was, etc.

  15. Joe says:

    Giant Bernard and Lord Tensai are COMPLETELY different. Giant Bernard used a great combination of his size and the Japanese strong style, Lord Tensai uses the WWE’s weak knock off version of the strong style and has to listen to the WWE’s stupid creative ideas.

  16. Joe says:

    @Hipnosis What are you talking about? Mordecai is sitting around on the Indy Circuit, not doing anything notable.

    Everyone else has valid points though. When has a wrestler gotten over with the claw that wasn’t from the 70’s? The fans knew it was Albert, and in a time where fans are smarter than ever (children and Cena fans excluded) why not just say it’s him? The WWE thought they could take the easy path by pushing someone who earned a reputation in Japan and that we would respect as a competitor, but you just can’t push someone up to the main event level right off the bat. Have him work against talented mid card guys like Kofi, Santino, and Christian. Let him prove he can do it, and work his way up.

  17. Deathedge says:

    Getting a makeover already!? It hasn’t even been half a year yet. I’m shocked to see WWE won’t keep pounding it in.

  18. bah says:

    The Wrestling Observer is just spewing bs as usual. Have we all forgotten Brock Lesnar already? Do you remember when Lord Tensai first appeared in a WWE ring? That’s right. The same night that Brock Lesnar made his return to the WWE. And you want us to believe that the WWE was grooming Lord Tensai to be Cena’s main-event opponent just two months later? By ensuring his debut gets completely overshadowed by the return of a much bigger name? Come on. Use your brains, people. The Big Show is not taking over Lord Tensai’s push. He has taken over Brock Lesnar’s push. You think the WWE’s plan was to go from Cena vs Rock to Cena vs Laurinitis or Cena vs Lord Tensai? It was meant to be Cena vs Rock followed by Cena vs Lesnar. You think the WWE’s plan was to have on,y one Cena vs Lesnar match at a minor PPV? They obviously planned for Cena vs Lesnar to last longer than a mere four weeks but they screwed up their own plans by foolishly putting Cena over and legitimately pissing off Lesnar. So the WWE suddenly went into panic mode and gave us Cena vs Laurinitis and now Cena vs Big Show because their main heel has gone awol. Lesnar’s prolonged absence is not part of a storyline otherwise they would be reminding us of Lesnar, HHH and Heyman. Do you not notice the parallel between Big Show’s attack on Alex Riley backstage and Lesnar’s attack on Josh Matthews backstage? Same story, different leading antagonist. The Big Show has taken over Lesnar’s push.

    It might be true that Lord Tensai is gettingka makeover because he certainly has not gotten over. How could he? The WWE has already pushed so many monster heels over the past few years that they have become oversaturated. Even as A-Train was making his new character debut, two other monsters were making their new character debuts (Brodus Clay & Ryback) while one of the biggest monsters in WWE history made his return (Lesnar). At the same time, the WWE roster already includes wrestlers like Ezekiel Jackson, Mason Ryan, the Great Khali, Mark Henry, Kane, the Undertaker, Sheamus and the Big Show – all of whom have received the monster push at one point or another, even if a few of them hardly looks like monsters. Someone like Kharma will instantly get over as a monster because as a female, she’s obviously different. Someone like Lord Tensai will never get over instantly as a character because he’s just another bland, generic cliche that we have seen numerous times before, the monster heel from a foreign land.

  19. Patrick says:

    He really needs to just go back to being A-Train/Albert, or the WWE should have brought him in as Giant Bernard.

  20. Rhbd says:

    This would be a record for most gimmick changes or it should be

    Prince Albert
    Albert T&A
    Albert X-Factor
    Hip Hop Hippo
    Giant Bernard
    Lord Tensai
    ? Probably Disco Al

  21. DBRude says:

    I would have taken him as Prince Albert or A-Train over Lord Tensai any day! The Japanese aspect of his character is ridiculous. And, yes, The Train Wreck > The Claw.

  22. Saint Savage says:

    Too many PPV and not enough build up for fueds.

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