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Note on Brock Lesnar’s appearance at UFC 146

The word going around is that Brock Lesnar initiated the meeting with UFC President Dana White at UFC 146 in Las Vegas. It is unclear if Lesnar was simply sending a message to WWE that he wasn’t happy with his current role or storyline in the company, or if he just wanted to make it clear that he had options.

source: Dave Meltzer

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  1. bah says:

    Who’s happy with Lesnar’s current role or storyline in WWE? Nobody! A sheer waste of a high profile name. Instead of Lesnar, it is Laurinitis who is bizarrely hogging the main-event spotlight. Idiots.

  2. Audra Durk says:

    Good lord, bah. Take a breather.

    It’s a work.

    I doubt Lesnar is coming back. There’s a story floating around that this is all just publicity. It’s crazy that Dana is even going along with it.

  3. seanyd.93 says:

    Vince and Dana are known to talk a bit… i can see something coming up like WWE/UFC to completely destroy TNA/Bellator

  4. -J- says:

    option A. got to wwe earn a ton of cash get some hype and takes loses, option B. got to ufc earn some decent cash get some hype and take some more loses.

    Let’s go Lesnar! Let’s go Lesnar!

  5. Audra Durk says:


    Bellator is absolutely nowhere on Zuffas radar lol

    Zuffa has gotten out of the bankrupting business. They’ll just buy them when they’re on sale.

    Zuffa can just take their stars in the meantime. Lombard, Alvarez are already in their way.

    The story is: Brock wanted to be at the fights. It was probably WWEs idea to make it look like his quitting WWE is legit. On Dana’s end, it might strum up some gossip that Lesnar is coming out of retirement.

    That’s all it is.

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