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Blog: Free Jericho!

Politics suck.

Last week, Chris Jericho was suspended for 30 days by WWE, and was nearly arrested after a live event in Brazil. Here’s why:


Wrestling has a long history of flag antics. Shawn Michaels stuck a Canadian flag up his nose, slid it between his legs, tossed it on the mat and thrust his crotch against it. Bret Hart took an American flag and snapped it in the middle of the ring.

Jericho is a heel. He was being a heel, that’s it. He didn’t spit on the flag, he didn’t burn the flag and he didn’t shove it up his nostrils. He crumpled it up into a ball and kicked it out of the ring, And, it’s not like any of this was premeditated. According to reports, a fan tossed the flag into the ring, and Jericho reacted as any good heel would.

The 30-day suspension is a joke, and was nothing more than WWE trying to protect a good working relationship with Brazil. Fine. So blame the Brazilian authorities for their over-sensitive reaction to a wrestling show.

To use WWE’s own terms, they make live-action movies. Anthony Hopkins once played a serial killer, is he getting thrown in prison the next time he steps foot in Brazil? Of course not.

This reminded me a lot of the Vader situation in Kuwait in the mid-1990s. Vader “attacked” a television show host (what he did was grab his suit) and was ordered not to leave the country for a few days. Did WWE suspend him? Nope. They stood behind their guy and tried to get him out of the country.

If Jericho feels a bit abandoned in this mess, I don’t blame him.

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