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Vince Russo Calls Dixie Carter “Confused” In New Interview

Vince Russo had an interview with Inside The Ropes in which he discussed his long career in wrestling, including his runs for WWF, WCW and TNA.

Here are highlights:

On how he got his start in WWF: “I was doing a wrestling radio show in Long Island, New York which I was Funding with my own money. I started running out of money. I wrote a letter to Linda McMahon, knowing if I wrote to Vince he probably wouldn’t answer it. I wrote a letter to Linda McMahon introducing myself, telling her what I was doing and saying I’d love an opportunity in the World Wrestling Federation at that time.”

On WWE being in the same rut as 1995: “Here we are, twenty years later almost and in my opinion the wrestling business is at the same exact spot. In my opinion at that time WWE was about ten years behind with what was going on in society at that time. I feel here we are in 2012, and I feel that the wrestling industry is at the same exact place, I think time has passed them by. They’ve become irrelevant. There’s nobody willing to make the changes that need to be made to bring the product up to speed.”

On what led to the Attitude Era: “I remember it was a Raw where it was being simulcasted they were shooting in the States and overseas. The rating came in the next day and it was rock bottom, it was maybe a 2.1, I mean it was really really bad. I went into work the next day and literally as soon as I sat down at my desk, Vince’s assistant called me that he wanted to see me. I went up to Vince’s office, he had all his key people in the room. He had the Raw magazine in his hand. I was worried, I was ready to be fired. He took that Raw magazine and slammed it down on the desk and said “this is what the show need to be” I was absolutely shocked. I thought it was going the other way. I had no dream that it was going to go that way.”

On why TNA struggles to create stars: “Because I think there’s a lack of patience. Ratings don’t happen overnight. Ratings happen when you commit to something and you stay the course. That’s why the attitude era worked. Vince stuck with it, we didn’t let the rating affect us on a weekly basis, we rode it out. Unfortunately, that was never the mindset at TNA. There was a lot of emphasis on the rating week to week, then creative is being directed to jump all over the place. It might take a year, but if you stay with it and believe in it, it’s going to work. It’s not going to work if every six weeks or two months you’re changing course and going in a different direction. I feel TNA have been guilty of that for a very long time.”

On why Russo, Bischoff and Hogan in TNA together didn’t work: “It’s simple, you can’t have these three strong personalities in opinions working together, you can’t. I worked very peacefully with Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff. In working together like that, everyone really trying hard to get along and wanting to get along, what each person is doing, is compromising your ideas and beliefs so everyone gets along. In my opinion its not a good was to business. There needs to be one boss, laying out the direction. If it’s working great, if it’s not, get rid of him and bring the next guy in. I’m a firm believer in that. In my opinion all these cooks in the kitchen, trying to get along, you end up with a product that’s very vanilla.”

On what he wanted to do in TNA and couldn’t: “To be me. Not compromise myself. The only time in my career that I was successful was in the WWF. Vince McMahon gave me the ball and he let me run with it. There were no committees. There was no 6 other peoples opinions. He trusted me, he gave me the ball. That was the only time in my career that I was allowed to work that way. I know what kind of environment I need to be put in to be successful. Committees in the wrestling business, do not work. Someone need to show me a committee in the last 15 years that worked. You need to have a head writer, let him bring in his crew, if they run with it and it’s a pass great, if they fail, get rid of them. Anything else is going to be vanilla and is going to be a so-so product which is what you’re seeing now in the wrestling business and not just in TNA.”

Quick Fire Thoughts:
Hulk Hogan – Legend. He is the guy.
Ric Flair – I think of wrestling
Sting – Out of those, I had the closest relationship with him, I think of gentleman.
Dixie Carter – Confused
Jim Cornette – Great wrestling mind
Vince McMahon – The creator

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5 Responses

  1. -J- says:

    For once he is right.

  2. Gazz says:

    His Answer in regards to TNA’s lack of patience can be applied to the fans just as much as it applies to the administration of TNA.

    The fans want another promotion to compete with WWE right now, but when you have a young company like TNA (lest we forget that the company is 10 years old and trying to compete against a company thats been around for 50+ years)that is trying to build both a national (US based) and an international presence with an administrative team who are constantly changing as well as a roster comprised of veterans who in some fans minds may be years past there prime, and young up and coming talent who the overseas audience will not know of, its harder to get those young guys over than it is in a company that is recognised and already broadcast worldwide.

  3. theprincedann says:

    He speaks sense. Although now I believe WWE to be scared of competition, hence using their financial advantage to buy out rival promotions in early 00’s, TNA has the potential to overtake WWE, if they do what Russo says. They are worrying short term such as weekly ratings. Instead of pushing legends of the future such as Joe, Styles, Daniels, Magnus and their knockouts (which are superior to the current Divas by miles) they are trying to bring in big names to attract people in. Focus on the fans you already have instead of trying to attract new ones. Use the established names to get over young talent! i love TNA, because I’m a fan of wrestling in any form, ROH, Dragon Gate old ECW, not just a pure PG fan. But TNA need to work harder.

  4. Chris Epic says:

    He’s right, the two main companies are stuck in the 90’s & think we wanna see a non wrestling heel bois fight the top guys, when we just wanna see great matches with sensible feuds. RoH is only a few thousand dollars behind TNA according to Aries, I think with a bit more backing & exposure they’re gonna become a strong influence in the next 5 years. Plus a lot of the RoH alumni not being used right but having name value wouldn’t be shocked to see guys go back. Even Punk because he only got the belt to keep him & shut him up, notice how the uncensored champ rarely talks anymore

  5. DBRude says:

    No more pipe bombs.

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