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May 25, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

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“And what`s really happening with Hulk Hogan`s family after divorce and tragedy? Well, Brooke Hogan is right here. She`s telling all. Plus, I can`t wait to hear about her plan to follow in her father`s wrestling footsteps.

And what are you going to do, Hulk Hogan, when your daughter takes after you. Tonight, is Hulk Hogan`s daughter getting into the ring like her dad? Could it be? And how is her family doing these days after a tough couple of years in the spotlight? Brooke Hogan right here to reveal all in a must-see showbiz newsmaker interview.

And now on to another burning question about life as a Hogan. We have just learned that Hulk Hogan`s daughter, Brooke, is following in his wrestling`s footsteps. Now, of course, we all got to know, Brooke, and her family during the Hogan`s hit reality show, “Hogan Knows Best,” but since then, an awful lot has changed. Including Brooke`s parents going through a very public and very nasty divorce.

Now Brooke has a whole new adventure of her own. She is joining TNA Wrestling and she`s with me tonight for a showbiz newsmaker interview. It`s great to see you. I`m very excited to hear about your new adventure on spike. We`ll talk about that in a moment.

But it`s hard to believe, seven years since you guys launched “Hogan Knows Best” and you paid “Showbiz Tonight” a visit at that time. Charles, do we have – here we go. There you are. Do you remember that?


HAMMER: Do you remember that?

HOGAN: I do, actually. Yes.

HAMMER: Seven years ago, it was right here on the set of “Showbiz Tonight”.

HOGAN: I look so young.

HAMMER: A lot has changed in your lives since then. I mean it`s actually remarkable, seven years, things change for families. Your family, holy mackerel. Do you regret now looking back, exposing your life in that way?

HOGAN: I don`t, actually. It was fun and it had nothing to do with my parents` problems, my family`s problems. They were bickering way before then. I think it just kind of accelerated the already-ticking time bomb.

HAMMER: That`s what a lot of people say. And let`s be honest, you know, watching their marital problems play out on TV was pretty tough and uncomfortable to watch. I`m sure for you it was difficult seeing the world see it, but for us as viewers, it was pretty tough. Have they made their peace yet, or are things still kind of rough for them?

HOGAN: They`ve made their peace. A little tidbit of information that nobody knows. You`re the first that I`m telling.

HAMMER: Good, please.

HOGAN: I actually got them on the phone, because they were trying to sell the marital house and they were going back and forth between lawyers, and I said, “You guys just talk.” So I had my mom on my cell phone, and I was like, “Here, dad, it`s for you.”

HAMMER: When was the last time prior to that had they spoken on the telephone and not through lawyers?

HOGAN: Oh, my goodness, I think it was probably right when my brother`s accident happened. They had to talk.

HAMMER: So it`s been years.

HOGAN: Yes, it`s been years.

HAMMER: And because of you – and how did the conversation go, as far as you were able to tell?

HOGAN: They were actually very cordial. It was very nice, like nothing had really happened, but very platonic. It was weird.

HAMMER: OK. But it was civil?

HOGAN: Yes, very civil.

HAMMER: That`s a big change. I have to say, I`m happy to hear that.

HOGAN: So good news.

HAMMER: Because it was tough. You know it was so public and it was quite frankly tough talking about and everybody was talking about it. And then everybody talked about what was going on in their individual lives. Of course, your dad has since remarried and your mom, she`s recently broken up, but she got a lot of attention for the fact that the guy she was dating was, what, 29 years her junior, do I have that right? Yes, 29 years younger. Do you feel that that criticism was unfair? Because a lot of people were really kind of laying into her about that.

HOGAN: You know what, my only concern, first of all, was the age difference. It`s not that I don`t believe that love can`t work in many ways, shapes, and forms. But I know that I have changed so much, and he`s a little bit younger than me, and I know that in the last three years, I`m a completely different person. So you know, that was my only concern is that this kid has his life to live and she`s changing with her once (INAUDIBLE).

HAMMER: A maturity level is needed.

HOGAN: Right.

HAMMER: I think that`s one of the things that people are quick to point out.

HOGAN: Yes and I think you can`t really escape that. You know, it can be honeymoon phase for a while but I think the nitty-gritty kind of laid in and they realized, oh, I guess this isn`t working. That`s hard to be so passionate about something and have to back down and say, hey, it`s not working.

HOGAN: Well, sure and especially when you have the added public pressure to the extent where that matters, when everybody is saying, “Well, this isn`t going to work out,” and when it turns out it doesn`t work out, sometimes you think, oh maybe we should hang on to it. But obviously you`re now following in the footsteps of your dad, the great Hulk Hogan and joining in on the family business. I want to know if that means you`re going to be entering the ring. Don`t tell me yet, stay right where you are.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Please welcome the one, the only, the immortal Hulk Hogan!


HAMMER: You got to love it. Takes you back, right? The legendary Hulk Hogan. And now after growing up as wrestling royalty, his daughter, Brooke, is jumping into the family business. And Brooke is back with me here in New York.

It`s nice to spend some time with you. So you`re getting into wrestling with TNA Impact. What exactly is happening here? Are you going to be body slamming opponents, are you going to be knocking people into the side of the ring? What`s going on?

HOGAN: I wish. That sounds like a lot of fun, but I think those girls would kick my butt. You know what? I`m doing something that I never thought I would do, and it kind of took me by surprise too. It was one of these things where Dixey Carter is the president of TNA, but her background is music. She`s been working with me on my music for the past year and a half. And we were sitting at lunch one day and we were throwing around some ideas for a good knockouts at TNA, just as friends, and she says, “I`ve been looking for somebody to manage these girls and you`ve been sitting right in front of me the whole time and you know the business backwards, forwards and inside out, because you grew up in it, would you mind helping me for a little bit?” I was like, “Why not, life is short.”

HAMMER: Wow. I mean it sounds like the perfect gig because you obviously know what works and you certainly know what doesn`t work when it comes to the people who work in this business?

HOGAN: Right. I think you know, there was a lot of scrutiny from people. There`s a lot of people who are saying, “Oh, you know, this isn`t a good idea. Why?”

HAMMER: Are there people crying nepotism? Are they saying –

HOGAN: Absolutely.

HAMMER: But it makes such sense to me.

HOGAN: What people don`t know is that my dad didn`t know I was doing it.

HAMMER: Oh really.

HOGAN: I think I gave him a heart attack, poor guy. I told him, I was like, “Dad, you know, me and Dixey have been talking and I think I`m going to start managing the Knockouts.” He was like, “Do you think, or are you doing it?”

HAMMER: You`re a grown woman, obviously you can do what you want to do, but he did he try to dissuade you?

HOGAN: He did. Because he knows me, I`m a tomboy. I was always in the (INAUDIBLE) and like having him teach me how to lock up and (INAUDIBLE) punches and stuff like that. So.

HAMMER: So no chance we`ll see you hopping into the ring?

HOGAN: I don`t think so.

HAMMER: We saw Snooki do it.

HOGAN: Well, unless somebody antagonizes me now. You know, (INAUDIBLE) wrestling ring you`re not in the outside world (INAUDIBLE).

HAMMER: You don`t mess with Brooke.

What about the possibility, since you`re going to be right there in the business, of bringing your dad in and maybe working with him at some point?

HOGAN: You know what, what I love and admire so much about TNA now is that they`re going more real with things. You know, wrestling has earned its reputation for being scripted or premeditated and TNA is actually doing this whole new thing where they`re actually taking the real story lines from all the wrestler`s lives and are integrating that in with the matches.

HAMMER: Oh cool.

HOGAN: So I don`t know.

HAMMER: Wait a second, wrestling is scripted? I didn`t –

Brooke, it`s great to see you. It sounds like life is in a good place. And make sure you check out Brooke Hogan when she begins her role on TNA Impact Wrestling. See how she impacts it all on Spike TV, live on May 31st. Be sure to check that out.

HOGAN: 8:00 p.m.

HAMMER: And that is it for “Showbiz Tonight.” I`m A.J. Hammer. Remember you can catch “Showbiz Tonight” exclusively weeknights at 11:00 p.m. Eastern and Pacific, right here on HLN.”

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