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May 25, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

Credit: Trent VanDrisse and Wrestlingobserver.com

Here’s the report for episode #666 of Ohio Valley Wrestling, that was taped on May 23rd, 2012, with an air date in Louisville of May 26th, 2012. This Devilish episode is already available online at ovwrestling.com

Gilbert Corsey and Kenny Bolin were the TV announcers tonight. Ron Hed was the ring announcer.

Here’s a link to an interview with Mike Mondo. http://m.carrollcountytimes.com/mobile/chair-shots-interview-with-ring-of-honor-s-mike-mondo/article_4c4d48ac-a06b-11e1-a479-0019bb2963f4.html
Here’s a link to a podcast interview with the Blossom Twins. http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/22653834
Taeler Hendrix returns to “The 411 on Wrestling” podcast at this link about 30 minutes in. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/ltcsonka411/2012/05/19/the-411-on-wrestling-with-taeler-hendrix
Here’s a link to the May 20th “OVW Overview” podcast with myself, Larry Goodman, and Mohamad Ali Vaez. Stephen Platinum was our guest this month. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/psp/2012/05/20/ovw-overview
The next OVW Saturday Night Special will be on June 2nd.

The show started with “Smooth” Johnny Spade and Cliff Compton, who has returned to OVW full time, giving the babyface locker room an inspired rah-rah speech about how the “rebellion” against Josette Bynum and her “Family” running OVW starts tonight with them going after the tag team titles. Last weeks show ended with Compton and Spade crashing, and then ruining, the party “The Family” was throwing for “Family” member Rob Terry winning the OVW Heavyweight title from Spade.

Josette Bynum, along with all of “The Family, all in their wrestling gear, came to the ring. The highly upset Bynum was literally shrieking about Spade and Compton crashing their party last week, and they demanded they come out now, which they did. Bynum said “Family” members, and OVW Southern Tag Team Champions Rudy Switchblade and Jessie Godderz, have no problem putting the tag belts on the line against Spade and Compton right now, leading to….

1. Jessie Godderz & Rudy Switchblade w/Josette Bynum, Mohamad Ali Vaez, & Rob Terry beat “Smooth” Johnny Spade & Cliff Compton to retain the OVW Southern Tag Team Titles
All Compton and Spade early on here, and all fast paced action too. Compton hit Godderz with a big frog splash, but Bynum took the mic and said this is now a handicap match, so all of “The Family” ran in to assist Switchblade and Godderz. However, in what could be argued is the most sensible thing to occur on this show in months, all of the babyfaces ran in to help Compton and Spade. The recently turned heel Jason Wayne was in helping “The Family” out during this fracas, as was Dylan Bostic. Bynum was angrily screaming into the mic for the ring to be cleared, and finally got the babyfaces out of the ring by again threatening to fire people, which is getting extremely tiresome. When she got them out, the match reverted back to what she had intended it to be here, Spade and Compton against all of “The Family”. The 4 against 2 advantage led to Cliff Compton taking the heat for a long time. Lots of “OVW” chants from the crowd here. Spade was finally tagged in, and had Mohamad Ali Vaez pinned after a superkick, but senior OVW referee Chris Sharpe then went heel by stopping his count at two. Kenny Bolin, who seemed more into things than usual this week, had been questioning Sharpe’s officiating for much of this match. Rob Terry then hit a suplex into a powerslam on Spade to win it, and retain the tag title for Switchblade & Godderz. Months ago Bynum had flirted heavily with Chris Sharpe, but it never went anywhere, and Sharpe in the past was always above reproach as far as being a crooked ref goes. Not anymore.

Raphael Constantine was backstage with two ladies, who were dressed up this week as I guess French soldiers, or something like that. The girls were slightly, but not overly, annoyed with the costumes, and said Constantine was supposed to have provided them with Girl Scout outfits this week. Constantine offered the ladies Tony Gunn’s beloved stuffed bear Ralphie as a peace offering, and they accepted. Ted McNaler & Brittany DeVore walked up to Constantine and the ladies, and McNaler talked about he and Brittany putting the past situation with Adam Revolver behind them. When they all left, Adam Revolver was shown behind a door, looking very angry. Tony Gunn then walked into the empty room with his “Happy pills”, and became very distressed when he couldn’t find Ralphie.

2. Chito Martinez beat “LMC” LaMarcus Clinton
Martinez is Jamin Olivencia under a black and yellow mask, but with no attempt to cover his body, or change his move-set, or ring style at all. LaMarcus Clinton is a young, thin Black guy, who seems quite athletic. All Martinez early, but Clinton came back and got a bit in, more than I expected, and this went longer than I expected. Clinton debuted in OVW last week in a dark match against Rob Terry, which was a squash, but match too went longer than expected. Clinton is getting a look here for sure. Martinez finally won it with Jamin Olivencia’s clamping DDT finisher. Kenny Bolin spent this match denying Martinez was Olivencia, despite it being so obvious it was.

Backstage babyface Randy Royal held Dylan Bostic by the throat against a locker while Taeler Hendrix and Epiphany looked on. Royal wouldn’t let go until Hendrix agreed to give Epiphany a shot at the OVW Womens title at the June 2nd Saturday Night Special. Hendrix finally relented and said yes. Gee, that’s that one way to get someone a title shot I guess huh? When Royal and Epiphany left, Hendrix berated her wimpy boyfriend Bostic for getting her into this mess, and told him he’d better start wearing the pants in their relationship.
3. Mohamad Ali Vaez beat Rogue Navy to retain the OVW TV Title

Before this match started Vaez was shown backstage checking his face in the mirror for damage from the superkick Johnny Spade gave him during the tag title match that opened the show. While he did that, Chito Martinez walked by. Vaez checked Martinez out in the mirror, in a curious and nervous fashion. Jamin Olivencia has already had what was called his last shot at the OVW TV title against Vaez, but Chito Martinez has yet to receive one. Rogue Navy is former WWE developmental talent DeSean Bishop. He’s a tall Black guy, in decent shape. Pretty much all Navy early here, including a goofy and painless looking reverse torture rack submission attempt, until Vaez went to work on his left leg. Navy came back and went for a chokeslam, but Vaez got out of it, and hit his running neckbreaker finisher to retain his precious OVW TV title. I’d like to see more of Rogue Navy here, this was only his second OVW TV appearance, he lost to Alex Silva several weeks ago in his other one, but he and Vaez didn’t click that well here, and I didn’t sense much babyface appeal to the OVW crowd for Rogue Navy in this one.

Brandon Espinosa was backstage talking to rookie Daniel Pruce, who is from Austria. Espinosa was making Pruce very uncomfortable by being very touch feely with him, and saying how good Pruce’ body and hair looks. Tony Gunn walked into the room, still looking for his stuffed bear Ralphie, and when Gunn entered, Espinosa suddenly changed and started yelling about how Pruce was hitting on him. Paredyse ran in the room and attacked Espinosa, and Espinosa and Paredyse, who have had a long feud here now, then had a pull apart, with several preliminary wrestlers trying to break it up.

4. Christopher “The Prince” Bolin vs Mickie McMichael went to a no contest I guess
TV main event time. This match was made by Josette Bynum last week, even though it was said Mickie McMichael, the former abused simple minded assistant of Bolin Services 2.0, had just started training to wrestle with his buddies James “Moose” Thomas and Micheal Hayes. In reality, McMichael has appeared in battle royals at OVW Homecoming shows for over a year now. Not sure if he’s even had a singles match though. Manager Prince Bolin wore a t-shirt and black pants for this match, and no longer wore the stocking cap on his head, that he had worn since being shaved bald on TV a few months ago. McMichael again had his hair in a Mohawk. Bolin slapped Mickie around early, but Mickie shoved Bolin down, to a large pop. Bynum had ruled last week that nobody else be at ringside during this match, but the rest of BS 2.0 Jack Black, Joe Coleman, & Rocco Bellagio ran out and circled Mickie, which caused James “Moose” Thomas to try and make the save, but BS 2.0 beat him down, and shoved Mickie down. Moose was then handcuffed to the top rope, and Mickie’s shirt was ripped off. Prince Bolin then whipped Mickie several times with his belt, which was called “Tough love” by Kenny Bolin on commentary. Bolin also gleefully said this reminded him of watching “Roots”. Johnny Spade and Cliff Compton finally made the save for Mickie and Moose. Where was Michael Hayes this week?

Cliff Compton took the mic and said it’s time for Josette’s reign of terror to come to and end, and talked about her screwing over people here for too long. Bynum came out laughing, with all of her “Family”, and Jason Wayne, getting up on the apron. Bynum said she is totally in control of OVW. Johnny Spade said he just didn’t give a rats you know what anymore, and he and Compton were then joined by the rest of the OVW babyfaces in the ring. Bynum said her side still has them outnumbered, and out came the rest of the heels in the company, who all got up on the apron, and were called the “Extended Famiy” by Gilbert Corsey on commentary. Lots of OVW chants from the crowd during this. Out came Trailer Park Trash, who lost his power in OVW weeks ago after losing to Rob Terry, after Terry hit him with a roll of coins. Chris Sharpe was the ref during that match, and literally weeped after it was over. TPT happily produced and read a letter from the Kentucky Boxing and Wrestling Authority, and the OVW board of Directors. The letter said the Kentucky athletic commission and the OVW BOD has been made aware of issues with how Josette Bynum has been running OVW, and that the matter is now under review. TPT then said next week a member of the OVW Board of Directors will be here to address those issues with Josette Bynum. Wow, we’re actually going to meet a BOD member, that’s fairly rare in pro wrestling. Josette Bynum went into sad freak out mode upon hearing this news, and the show closed with the babyfaces in the ring keeping the heels at bay from getting in.

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