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Jericho’s suspension a work?

From Jon Hanks:

I would just like to point of that the possible reason for Chris Jericho to be suspended by the WWE is to allow him to perform with Fozzy in the UK for the metal music festival Download. They have been advertised on the dates between the 8th til 10th of June

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  1. Karsten School says:

    You don’t work an international incident. When it gets to the point of apologizing to foreign governments, it’s a shoot.

    Jericho was going to work the next month, end at the pay per view, then do his tour- now he’s just got a little extra time off. But the suspension is legit.

  2. Karsten School says:

    (Or rather, he was going to start the tour, do the ppv, then finish the bulk of his foreign dates)

  3. Audra Durk says:

    Yeah, I beat you to it, pal.

  4. Fisha695 says:

    If it was a work the Suspension would not have been announced until they were on air for RAW.

  5. Mark says:

    @Fisha695 Not always true. In the past they’ve worked stuff and announced it online first. Jeff Hardy being pulled from a PPV once after being attacked, for example (I think it was Survivor Series). Not quite the same thing, but an example of works being announced off air all the same.

  6. AJ Starr says:

    WWE advertises Twitter like they own it… and people STILL think posting things online first makes it real?

    WWE thinks it’s fans are idiots. I wish people would stop falling for the obvious.

  7. raven12516 says:

    @Karsten School: It is possible for plans to change.

  8. -J- says:

    Who am I, to kill some kayfabe…after all that we been through?

  9. Hipnosis says:


  10. Deathedge says:


    True, but at the same time they constantly brought it up during Survivor Series.

    I think if we get to RAW with no word of the suspension or the Fozzy tour, then it’s legit. If they mention either, then it’s a work.

  11. eddie says:

    If it was a work he wouldn’t of apologize wouldn’t be like hits on air persona

  12. MC Live says:

    I don’t think anyone planned on suspending him. But it just worked out that “hey, he’s taking a few days off. Instead of just apologizing (which probably would have been it any other time) lets get in good with the Brazillian government and suspended him like we actually care!”. It’s a political move

  13. T says:

    1.) It is against the law to desecrate the flag in Brazil. And having been to Brazil enough times they don’t tolerate foreigners trashing their flag and country (Yet it’s ok for Brazilians to complain about Brazil)

    2.) Mainstream media has picked up on this story (CBS, FOX..etc)

    3.) WWE is a publicly traded company. You think they want to anger shareholders?

    4.) Keeping Jericho on tour would be risky as someone might harm him as a result of his actions. Would you go out of your hotel after having video of your actions on the news and internet there? Also it lessens any protests and bad PR the rest of the tour.

    4.) It was old school cheap heat and the only real crime is Jericho being lazy to get heat.

    5.) Know the local laws before you enter a country. Or at the very least the WWE should have told the wrestlers what is not Ok to do there.

  14. Steveoreno says:

    My guess is that like many things both sides are a little right and a little wrong here. I think Jericho legit pissed off the Brazilians and the gov’t there. I think WWE went into damage control and said take some time off and we will call it a suspension. Pretty simple really. They save face that way. Considering this company fired someone who offended the U.S. military I would buy a legit suspension, but since it’s a foreign gov’t my guess is it’s all for show.

  15. JD Storm says:

    assuming this is legit, WWE is simply giving Jericho the proverbial slap on the wrist. this way, it appears like they’re doing something while giving Jericho time off for his other projects (namely Fozzy). i doubt WWE officials are all too concerned about this. worst thing they’re doing is playing a few politics, just to smooth a few things over.

    considering things change pretty quickly in wrestling, it’s possible that WWE or Jericho needed an excuse to take him off a tour anyway. give it a week. most of us will have forgotten about this.

  16. Pieman says:

    I’m gonna take a Brazil flag to Download. Throw it on stage. See what happens. To be honest, somebody is probably already planning this.

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