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HBK comments on the Chris Jericho incident

Shawn Michaels via Twitter:

“Wow, waking up to find twitter blaming me for an apparent suspension of @IAmJericho. Seems to me I’d blame the horrific PC world we’ve allowed ourselves to be caught up in where you can’t “act” & have it called “acting.” BS!! I’ll stand behind @IAmJericho any day of the week & twice on Sunday…what’s the big “E” stand for in WWE anyway!!. I honestly don’t see how many of you make it w/that much anger in your life…seems exhausting & a colossal waste of time!! See, that’s all I’ve got & I’m already tired!! Time to workout & hit my day. Y’all have a wonderful day!! :-)

Had a nice txt’ing convo w/@IAmJericho and as always, he’s handling things well. Just wanted to lend him some support!! :-)

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  1. Daniel says:

    Why the hell were people blaming Michaels? LOL That makes no sense. I agree with Michaels though, I stand behind Jericho in this situation as well. It’s entertainment. However, the one thing I do say was bad is that Jericho did break a law and didn’t have his antics approved by WWE ahead of time so that’s one thing I’d say goes against him in this case but at the same time he is a heel and was just trying to entertain.

  2. Audra Durk says:

    Hi Ho! Hi Ho! It’s off to WORRRRRRK they go!

  3. Doug says:

    Lance Storm also commented on Twitter –

    “Thoughts on @IAmJericho He didn’t do anything that hasn’t been done a million times in wrestling. Wrong place & times change.”

  4. Old School Rasslin' Fan says:

    Mr. Michaels is correct, political correctness has pretty much killed pro wrestling. WWE cares too much about the company’s image because it is publicly traded and doesn’t want to offend anyone, while all the people that watched wrestling to be outraged and emotionally invested watch crappy reality tv shows now.

  5. The Rock says:

    Michaels has done way worse things to the Canadian flag and got away with it.

    It’s just a different country with different set of rules.

  6. M.J. Wright says:

    I really dont think people are getting it. Remember when JBL Goose stepped in Germany? Unlike here in the U.S., in other countries, many freedoms of expression dont include mocking a tyrannical murderer (Germany) or desecrating a country’s flag. While this was been done in pro wrestling for forever, the cold war is long over, and many countries have STRICT penalties for doing what Jericho did, including automatic 30 day jail sentences. Im sure Jericho didnt mean any harm, but his actions could cost the WWE millions of future revenue.

  7. -J- says:

    people aren’t grasping the velocity of this erratic and irresponsible incident…i am offended and ashamed how dare he wipe his arse with the flag and drop a deuce in it as he did…oh my save us indeed.

    Are the marks with me on this? Stand and be counted!

  8. Captain Ass says:

    Too bad America doesn’t have a law against doing that to our flag or there would have been many people who suffered the consequences. Jericho was doing his job as a heel. As Lance Storm said, wrong place, wrong time.

  9. Steveoreno says:

    I love the indiots who come on here and talk about how this is a work. I guess it was also a work when they fried Fit Finley for offending troops. Somebody call him and let him in on it.

  10. Steveoreno says:

    That should say fired. If they fried him I think it would have been even more heavy handed.

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