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Dixie Carter defends Hulk Hogan against criticism

Steven Muehlhausen of The Fight Club Chicago recently interviewed TNA President Dixie Carter. During the interview, Carter discussed criticisms of Hogan and what he’s meant to TNA. Here is what Carter had to say about Hogan…

“I think people think he’s just showing up and collecting some big fat paycheck and it couldn’t be further from the truth. This guy, this legend in our business truly he surpasses the word wrestling itself. He is so immersed in our business and helping us grow our business on days he’s not even on shows. He’s driving an hour and a half to sit in on our agents’ meetings and help working with agents and the talent on the night of the show. If we have a PPV and he’s not on it, he’s there. He’s working his tail off.

And then you have, what does Hulk Hogan bring to a company such as ours and the doors it opens and the visibility it gives and that’s everything. He’s making business calls for us, he’s talking to advertisers, he’s showing up and working Viacom stuff. He’s as vested as you can possibly be and I think he will always be known for so many big big things throughout his career. I am hopeful that this period of his life, even when he’s not in the ring wrestling will be one that fans are so proud of how much he’s giving back to this sport and how much he’s giving back to this sport and how he’s helping these young guys grow and what he’s doing for our industry.”

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9 Responses

  1. Jon Warham says:

    Funny that, he wasn’t in attendance for the last PPV.

  2. Bobbo the Destroyer says:


  3. Joe says:

    Our business? Does she actually think she is apart of the wrestling business? She called up mommy and daddy and bought part of TNA. She is as involved in the wrestling business as David Arquette.
    Hogans best days are behind him. Physically and mentally.
    TNA 2002-2013

  4. bup says:

    I love Hulk Hogan, have since I was 6 years old….but, all he’s doing is taking a lot of money that TNA can’t afford to keep spending.

  5. axel says:

    Jon, I’d like to see you get off your chair and run a schedule like his and make every show no problem, then talk. Sure, Gigantic light be washed up, but if true, this can command respect for the guy doing so much work.

  6. McMahon says:

    Even if Hogan is actually doing all that and doing a great job with all of that, I still don’t want him on my TV.

  7. Chris Epic says:

    I don’t mind him in a GM role as it actually makes sense to have a non wrestling legend be in charge, problem is we know he’s not gonna bench himself forever, as for Dixie ugh she should just shut her damn mouth already.

  8. -J- says:

    Dixie has no business in the wrestling business, even as AJ Styles whore she isn’t interesting…Hogan does not need your defense Dixie, we have seen what Hogan can do for a company on both ends of the spectrum.

  9. A_FAX says:

    Ok so if that’s Dixie’s defense that’s fine. But where are the results? TNA isn’t in a better position because of Hogan. They lost their dvd distributor. House show, ppv buys, ppv attendance and ratings have remained the same since before Hogan came on board and in a few instances actually dropped off. What “new” stars has Hogan helped to create? Dixie Carter has wasted the better years of AJ Styles, Chris Daniels, Samoa Joe and others by bringing in these old names. 12 years ago WCW had a much younger much more active much more relevant Hulk Hogan. They went out of business. What makes her think she won’t follow the same path? Dixie needs to wake up and realize that because she owns TNA doesn’t make her anymore knowledgeable than anyone else in the business. Listen to what the people want. It aint the Hulkster sweetheart. If Hogan had anything at all to offer the business he’d be working for Vince. Your being worked dear. And buying your way into the wrestling business doesn’t mean you belong there. The woman is a cancer and I can only hope that she wakes up from her dreamworld of Hulkamania and realizes that it is in fact 2012 and that its simply put, TIME TO MOVE ON.

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