APWA results featuring Nigel McGuiness, Stro, more

May 21, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

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Results for APWA’s Return to Harrison County. Shinnston, WV. School Square. American Pro Wrestling Alliance.

Commissioner Nigel McGuinness and Owner Don West announced that Terry Ring Vs. Stro for the American title wouldn’t be loser leaves town, but a retirement match.

1. The Stro w/ Justn Kace defeated “Showtime” Terry Ring by Forfeit to win the APWA American Championship. Terry Ring will be forced to retire from APWA wrestling.

2. The Stro retained the APWA American Championship by defeating Bull Dozer in his APWA debut.

3. Santana Garrett defeated Marti Belle in the first ever Bombshell Division match.

4. “The Black Superman” ONYX w/ Amber Lea West and Brutus Magnus wrestled to a no contest when Stro from New Tradition got involved in the match and would try to get Magnus to help him beat down ONYX, however ONYX and Magnus got the best of Stro and had mutual respect in the ring. This match was for the APWA World Heavyweight Championship.


5. Dirty Money defeated Matt Justice in a qualifying match for the APWA Super Jr. Championship.

6. “The Nomad” Damon Divine defeated Christian York w/ Justin Kace in a qualifying match for the APWA Super Jr. Championship in a major upset.

Following the match George “The Beastman” Fetty escaped his cage and then was attacked by a man who we found out later to be the Congolian Nightmare who was also represented by an unknown person and Quincy O’Neil. The refs tried to break it up as Don West and Nigel would try to get order. Finally the Beastman was caught by Adam and Jon, both APWA officials, at this time Quincy O’Neil made it known they had come to take over the APWA and go straight to the top and they would take out anybody who would get in their way.

7. Before the match Damon Divine would kiss the his life long journal thart he pulled out of his back pack. Before the match he put the journal back in the back pack. In the Main Event in a two out of three falls contest “The Nomad” Damon Divine would defeat Dirty Money after Dirty Money hit two low blows givine him two DQ’s. Nigel named Damon the winner, however Damon didn’t want to win it that way and asked for five more minutes. Nigel as the crowd and he granted Damon another five minutes. Damon would defeat Dirty Money to become the new APWA Super Jr. Champion of the World. Following the match when Don West presented the belt to Damon, New Tradition, Christian York, The Stro, and Justn Kace hit the ring and attacked Don West, referee Adam Parsons, and the new champ Damon Divine. They ripped up his journal and strangled him with his back pack. As Don was being carried to the back York would attack him again as New Tradition made an example out of the APWA and Damon Divine.

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