OVER THE LIMIT: John Cena vs. John Laurinaitis

May 20, 2012 - by Adam Martin

A video package runs hyping John Cena vs. John Laurinaitis.

* If any WWE star interferes they will be fired
* If John Laurinaitis loses, he is fired
John Cena vs. John Laurinaitis

Laurinaitis tried to bail when the bell rang and Cena tossed him back in. Cena with a big clothesline to Laurinaitis. Jerry Lawler is laughing on commentary. Cena puts Laurinaitis' shirt over his face and then gives him a big chop to the chest. Cena lifts up Laurinaitis' shirt and chops him over the back. Cena has Laurinaitis up, does an airplane spin and then drops Laurinaitis down who is all dizzy. Laurinaitis flops to the outside through the ropes. Cena grabs the ring bell and cracks it near the ears of Laurinaitis. Cena does this a few more times and then drops Laurinaitis' face off the announce table. Cena does this a second time over the announce table. Cena goes, “This will look really good in HD.” Cena then tosses Laurinaitis' face off the Spanish announce table. Cena puts Laurinaitis down in one of the Spanish announce table seats. Cena puts one of the headsets on Laurinaitis and he puts on the other. Cena starts calling commentary as Cole and Booker T. Laurinaitis is out of it. Cena then tosses him back in the ring. Laurinaitis wants to shake hands. Cena slaps Laurinaitis, drops an elbow, leaves the ring, grabs a mic and says, “I've just come up with an idea. Here is what we are going to do Johnny if you can hear me. I'm about to put you in the STF. This is where it gets good – if you tap out, you are fired. I'll let go of the hold if you can last 10 seconds. And in the good name of People Power, maybe the people can count along.”

Cena drops the mic and applies the STF. The crowd counts along with and Laurinaitis lasts 10 seconds. Cena is impressed. He says the good news is that Laurinaitis made it, but the bad news is that he is going to do it again. Cena applies the STF one more time and Laurinaitis once again lasts 10 seconds. Cole is screaming, “What a man!” Cena grabs a water and says Big Johnny looks thirsty as well. Cena dumps water over Laurinaitis. Cena then pours water down the pants of Laurinaitis. Cena grabs a fire extinguisher, points it at Laurinaitis and Laurinaitis puts his hands up to block it. Laurinaitis is begging Cena not to do it. Cena lights him up. Cena grabs a trash can and dumps it over Laurinaitis. Laurinaitis bails and Cena catches up with him. Laurinaitis works over Cena's bad arm and Cena falls back. Laurinaitis drops Cena's arm over the Spanish announce table and then over the steel ring steps. Laurinaitis grabs a steel chair and hits Cena over the back with it. Laurinaitis with another shot, cover and Cena kicks out. Cena blocks another chair shot and hits Laurinaitis in the knee with it dropping him. Cena with a Five Knuckle Shuffle using the steel chair over the face of Laurinaitis. Laurinaitis with a low blow to Cena. Cole screams out how that is legal. Laurinaitis bails to the crowd. We see a shot of him crawling away and then heading to the back through the curtain. We then see Big Show dragging Laurinaitis from the back and to the ringside area.

Big Show drags Laurinaitis up to the ring apron and throws him back inside. Laurinaitis tries to crawl away and Big Show steps on his hand. Big Show chokes Laurinaitis, throws him at Cena, Cena gets Laurinaitis up for an FU and Big Show drops Cena with his knockout punch. Laurinaitis covers Cena and gets the win.

Winner: John Laurinaitis

After the match, Big Show helps John Laurinaitis to his feet, raises his arm and walks off. We see a highlight of the finish. Back live, Laurinaitis is limping to the back with a smile on his face.

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