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UFC Champion Jon Jones arrested for driving under the influence

TMZ is reporting that UFC Light Heavyweight champion, Jon Jones, was arrested earlier this morning after crashing his new Bentley in Binghamton, New York for a DUI.

Jon Jones’ management team has also confirmed the news of his arrest on suspicion of DUI last night. … “While the facts of this situation are still being gathered and situated, First Round Management fully supports Jon …”

Jones walked away from the incident uninjured.

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4 Responses

  1. PJ aka JYD Jr says:

    Golden Boy my ass… i knew he wasn’t Mr. perfect like the UFC tries to portray him to be… Ima be watchin this closely to see how it pans out…

  2. -J- says:

    so they guy has a human moment of error and suddenly he’s a low life?

    I feel bad for the Bentley.

  3. Science & Violence says:

    He’s some evil villain now because he got drunk? Piss off son.

  4. PJ aka JYD Jr says:

    WTF yall talkin bout? who called him a villian or low life?

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