5/19 ROH house show results from Richmond, VA

May 19, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

(1) Jay Lethal beat Mike Mondo in 12:34 with Black Machismo elbowdrop. Good match

Up next, in-ring promo from The Bravado Brothers. Haas & Benjamin interrupt Bravados. Tag Title match is on! Lance Bravado takes the heat. Haas & Benjamin have crowd cheering for Bravados, which is no mean trick.

(2) The Bravados beat Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin in 6:00 via DQ when Haas shoved the ref.

Titus & King ran out and made the save for the Bravados.

All Night Express vs. WGTT starting now.

(3) ANX (Rhett Titus & Kenny King) beat ROH World Tag Team Champions Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin in 8:12 via DQ when Haas hits Titus w/ tag belt.

Up next, Adam Cole vs. Tomasso Ciampa.

(4) Tomasso Ciampa beat Adam Cole in 10:08 w/ handful of tights. Good, but didn’t have heat of the tag title match.

After the match, Nana wanted Ciampa to beat up Cole, but he wouldn’t do it and left. Nana sent Ernesto in to beat on Cole, who superkicked Ernesto.

(5) The Briscoes beat Michael Elgin & Roderick Strong (w/Truth Martini). Jay Brisco pulled down Martini’s pants to reveal he was wearing Strong’s trunks. Briscoes ended up pinning Elgin with the doomsday device after Elgin ran into Strong.

The DVD is going to look like s–t. The hard camera is pointing straight at the lights.


(6) Chris Silvio & Paradyse beat Team A-1. 2nd half of the show starts now, with Team A-1 vs. Chris Silvio & Paradyse. The Early Birds are out in force for Jeff Early! Paradyse is wearing a Hello Kitty halter top. Chris Silvio is dressed like…Chris Silvio. Referee Hijo de Bill Alfonso has lost control of this one.Silvio pins Jeff Early in 16:06. Chris Silvio has stolen the show. No fooling.

Up next, Eddie Edwards vs. Mike Bennett w/ Maria

(7)Eddie Edwards beat Mike Bennett (w/Maria) in 13:53 after Bennett collides w/ Maria on the apron. Solid match. Bennett is improving.

Up now, Davey Richards w/Kyle O’Reilly vs. Jimmy Jacobs w/Kevin Steen.

(8) Davey Richards (w/Kyle O’Reilly) beat Jimmy Jacobs (w/Kevin Steen) in 8:00. Steen destroys O’Reilly on the floor. It’s 10 PM and some of the parents w/ small kids have bailed. Richards wins with an ankle lock. Match wasn’t good and people weren’t into it because everyone was watching Steen and O’Reilly try to kill each other on the outside.

Haas vs. Jay Briscoe is a “Can’t See Poop” match is underway. And this is Virginia, so no blading.

(9)Charlie Haas beat Jay Briscoe in a Lights Out match in 11:00. Jay double stomps Haas through the timekeeper’s table. Jay sets for Jay Driller when Shelton runs in. Now here’s Kung Fu Mark Briscoe. Mark puts Shelton through another table. Haas hits a low blow and pins Jay. That’s all.

Jay challenged Haas to a Texas Death match to end the show, but Haas & Benjamin had left. That’s all.

credit: PWtorch.com

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