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Poster for TNA’s Destination X PPV

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  1. Michael Nowotny says:

    This is just a thought, but based on the poster, its clear Aries is going to headline the PPV so how about this Aries vs AJ vs Daniels vs Joe, quite possibly the best four way match TNA would ever have.

  2. Ryan says:

    Because being on the poster always means being in the main event

  3. trevor says:

    i’m with michael if aries is going to headline, a four way match would be great!!! we need 6 or 7 great matches this will steel the ppv year for tna!!!
    Alex Silva-v-Rob Terry!!!
    Kid Kash-v-Mark Haskins (be good to see him on tv)
    and a great tag-team match Motor City-v-Cunner and Crimson
    Doug Williams-v-Hernandez
    Then if tna have ideas bring in blasts from the past make it a destination x to remember!!!

  4. havok says:

    i have no problem with that main event…even throw in kaz and make it a king of the mountain match for the x division title

  5. @toddSmiller says:

    Main Event: Aries vs AJ vs Joe for the title
    But also on the card: Kaz/ Daniels vs MCMG in an Ultimate X match for the titles

    Those would be the two main matches on my card for this PPV

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