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May 18, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

Credit Trent Van Drisse and pwinsider.com

Here’s the Ohio Valley Wrestling Television taping report for May 16th,2012. This was the taping coming off the May 12th Saturday Night Special that saw Rob Terry beat “Smooth” Johnny Spade, with much assistance, to win the OVW Heavyweight title. Tonights TV taping saw some talents now going in different storyline directions, along with several regulars not appearing at all. A real weird show in general, and it seemed to lose the crowd the more it went on, but it ended on a high note.

Dean Hill, Gilbert Corsey, and a late arriving Kenny Bolin were the TV announcers tonight. Ron Hed and Brittany DeVore were the ring announcers. The attendance was around 150.

Paredyse and Chris Silvio are working the May 19th Ring of Honor show in Richmond, Virginia, and I suspect the May 18th ROH TV taping in Baltimore as well. Silvio and Paredyse are from Virginia.

The next OVW Overview podcast, co-hosted by Larry Goodman, Mohamad Ali Vaez,and myself will be this Sunday, May 20th at 2 PM EST. Our special guest this month will be PCW/Empire promoter Stephen Platinum. Check it out live, or anytime on the archive, at this link. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/psp

I saw “Nightmare” Ken Wayne at the Davis arena tonight.

1. Tony Gunn beat Raphael Constantine w/Two ladies by submission

Dark match. The two ladies with Constantine tonight were dressed as female Firefighters. Firefightettes I suppose. The had spray bottles and were squirting people with water. Tony Gunn was really over tonight, and won with his Bear hug, to a big pop believe it or not. The ladies carried Constantine out of the Davis arena Firepersons carry style.

2. Taeler Hendrix w/Dylan Bostic beat Heidi Loveless

Dark match. Heidi Loveless is a small but spunky short haired girl wearing white pants with white suspenders. She’s a screamer in the ring. The crowd here again chanted “Prostatot” at Taeler Hendrix. Both ladies went for several pin attempts early. Back and forth match until Hendrix headbutted Loveless, and then pinned her with her feet on the ropes. Randy Royal and Epiphany made the save for Loveless after the match. I hope Loveless comes back.

3. Rob Terry beat LaMarcus Clinton

Another dark match. Rob Terry, the new OVW champion, came out without any Family members here. LaMarcus Clinton is a young, thin, but in great shape Black guy with corn rows. He is very athletic. This was an extended squash, went several minutes longer than I thought it would. Clinton tried a lot of different offense on Rob Terry, but most of it didn’t effect Terry at all. I was wondering if this went so long because someone at OVW was wanting to look at Clinton. Terry finally won it with a chokeslam.

The TV taping opened with the same video that aired at the May 12th Saturday Night Special of “Smooth”Johnny Spade’s run with the OVW title, and of his feud with Rob Terry. It then went to clips of Rob Terry beating Johnny Spade on May 12th, with an assist from Jason Wayne, who turned heel here last week.

Some slow and spooky music played, and out came Jason Wayne in street clothes. Gilbert Corsey got in the ring to interview Wayne, and asked him why he went bad. Wayne said he served his country as a Marine so people like Corsey can be here doing nothing with their lives. Wayne ordered Corsey to stand in the corner, with his eyes on the deck. Wayne said people just mistakenly assumed he’s joined “The Family”, but he hasn’t. He said Josette Bynum running OVW simply opened his eyes to the big picture. Wayne said when he was out injured and rehabbing, the only one to call him was Danny Davis, but when he asked Davis to pay for his medical bills, Davis told him he’d paid Wayne enough at OVW to cover it. Big time BS on that one kids!! Yikes. Plus, wouldn’t Jason Wayne as an former Marine qualify for free medical care?? It was Rob Terry who put Jason Wayne on the shelf months ago, and Wayne now helped Terry win the OVW title. This required explanation, and we got none. Poor booking there.

Chris Silvio came out alone to refute Wayne’s delusional claims, and called him a punk. Josette Bynum came out in a sparkly red top, along with Family members Mohamad Ali Vaez, Jessie Godderz, and Rudy Switchblade. “The Family” now holds all the gold in OVW, except for the OVW Womens title held by Taeler Hendrix. Bynum made a match tonight of Silvio vs Jason Wayne.

Bynum then brought out the new OVW champion, Rob Terry, and announced that later tonight there would be a big celebration held for Terry’s title win.

Taeler Hendrix & Dylan Bostic were playing couples Jenga backstage against Ted McNaler & Brittany DeVore. Hendrix was being her bratty self, caused her team to lose, then blamed it on Bostic and stormed off. McNaler and DeVore then saw Brandon Espinosa, and offered to play Genga with him, but Espinosa became overly defensive and threw a hissy fit, thinking they meant he and “Chris”, whose gender has yet to be determined, are a couple. Tony Gunn then sat down to play with McNaler & DeVore, saying his beloved stuffed bear Ralphie was his partner. This wackiness was the only backstage segment aired for the live crowd all night, which was strange.

4. Chico Martinez beat Arik Kristopher

This was the first match of the TV taping. Arik Kristopher is a student here, small but in good shape, exudes a confidence way beyond his rookie level. Looks like he could be good in the ring in time. Chico Martinez was Jamin Olivencia under a mask, with no attempt to cover his body, and he used the usual Jamin Olivencia move-set, overwhelming Kristopher and beating him with a clamping DDT in this brief babyface vs babyface match. Chico stayed in the ring for a long time after the match, which I figured meant angle coming, but then nothing happened and he left. Just another of the head scratching things on this night.

5. The Baronis Brothers(Brent & Brandon) beat “3G” Eric Wayne & “Killer” Kid Nikels

The Baronis Brothers are small identical twins with large Afros. Eric Wayne and Kid Nikels are out of Memphis, TN., and were here a few weeks ago as well. Nikels has an awesome scary look going for him, plus size, and came to the ring carrying a body bag. Kenny Bolin all of a sudden showed up and joined the TV announce team during this match. The Baronis twins had lots of success early with several high flying double team moves. One of the twins took the heat after being sent up to the stratosphere by Wayne and Nikels, but the twin made the hot tag after forcing Wayne and Nikels to collide with a slick move. The finish saw one Baronis twin set Nikels up for a reverse neckbreaker, while the hit Nikels with a flying body press off the top rope. This marked the Baronis’ first TV win in OVW. If one could get past the size difference here enough to suspend any disbelief, which is difficult to do, then this was a fun little match that really clicked. If not, it just looked silly. Me, I enjoyed it, but I thought especially the monstrous looking Kid Nikels was selling way to much for the tiny Baronis twins. But I know that’s what he was ordered to do, so it’s on the booker. Even the result is questionable, but the Baronis’ are regulars here, and at this point Wayne and Nikels are not. The Baronis’ are really over with the crowd here.

6. Jason Wayne beat Chris Silvio w/Mo Green, Mary Jane, and the Midget

Jason Wayne, who has lost a lot of weight and has gotten ripped during his time away from OVW, appeared to be working this match in Calvin Klein underwear. They fought on the floor some early, with Silvio giving Wayne a flying double ax handle by jumping off the barricade. Silvio missed a top rope elbow in the ring, but later hit one. Wayne with a powerslam. Silvio caught Wayne off the turnbuckle with a diamond cutter. Mohamad Ali Vaez, Rudy Switchblade, and Jessie Godderz came to ringside, and after some maneuvering, Godderz hit Silvio with one of the OVW Southern tag title belts, which allowed Jason Wayne to then hit his full nelson slam finisher on Silvio for the tainted win. Some of this match was ok, but there were some botches here too. Wayne hasn’t been wrestling much for the past few months, and he is still very new to wrestling, and he looks to me like a guy who needs regular reps to stay sharp. This match was a struggle at times.

Josette Bynum, along with all of “The Family” were out celebrating the Jason Wayne victory. Bynum greatly tried to intimidate Mary Jane the Hula Hoop girl, and the Hula Hoop was tossed out of the ring, and landed in a perfect circle around Mohamad Ali Vaez without ever touching him. Wow, they couldn’t do that again if they tried. Mo Green and Bynum went nose to nose on the apron. Bynum then invited Jason Wayne to their party to night to celebrate Rob Terry being the new OVW champ.

7. Mohamad Ali Vaez beat Sean Casey w/Two ladies to retain the OVW TV title

Two heels going at it here for the TV title. Vaez came out alone here. Sean Casey came out with the two ladies dressed as firefighters. Casey offered one of the firefightettes up to Vaez’, and Vaez checked her out, but then hit his running neckbreaker finisher on Casey, ordered the ref to ring the bell to start the match, hit another running neckbreaker, and won it. Uhhh ok, and the point of that was?? Sean Casey’ body didn’t look like he’s been training as hard as usual. The firefightettes tried to carry Casey out Firepersons carry style, but couldn’t get it done.

Out came Michael Hayes, James “Moose” Thomas, and Mickey in street clothes carrying a handicapped parking sign. Mickey’s hair was done up in a Mohawk. Hayes talked about Bolin Services 2.0 picking on handicapped people, and then threw it to clips of the May 12th Saturday Night Special where Hayes and Moose beat BS 2.0 in a handicap ladder match. The one legged Hayes climbed a ladder to win it for his team, which got Mickey away from the abusive BS 2.0 per the stip. Hayes asked Mickey were his contract with BS 2.0 was, and Mickey threw shredded paper out of his pants pocket.

Out came, yet again, Josette Bynum, who sarcastically congratulated Hayes and Moose for their win on Saturday. Bynum said she knew it was Mickey’s dream to become a wrestler himself, which Moose and Hayes said yes, but he has just started training. Bynum said Mickey will be in a match next week against manager Christopher “The Prince” Bolin, which seemed to both concern, confuse, and intrigue Hayes, Moose, and Mickey. Bynum also ruled that nobody else from either side be at ringside during that match.

One of the geek squad guys came in the ring to sweep out the shredded contract, using a horrible excuse for a broom, when out came the masked American Assassin, thru the babyface door, wearing a suit, and he had his right fist taped. He got in the ring and took the sweeper out with a clothesline, then left. Heh.

They set up the celebration for the Rob Terry OVW title win, which consisted only of an empty beer keg, and balloons. Kinda paltry and pitiful looking.

Josette Bynum and all of “The Family” came out for the celebration, with Bynum acknowledging the less than lavish decorations. I figured there would be a cake involved here, with someone going into it, but no they swerved me there. Instead, “The Family” came out holding protein powder jars, since they are all health conscience men. Rudy Switchblade hilariously had a can of tuna with him. LOL! Jason Wayne had a protein bar. Switchblade did a handstand on the beer keg. The crowd was really dead by this point. Bynum ordered some dance music, but soon as it started, the lights went out. When they came back on, in the ring where Cliff Compton and “Smooth” Johnny Spade in street clothes, who cleaned house on “The Family” to end the TV taping. The Compton and Spade appearance got a really loud and extended pop, and it gave the energy back to the place that had been totally sucked out of it by the rest of this weird and iffy show. It ended things on a real fun high note, and God knows this show needed a high note at this point. After the taping was over Cliff Compton announced that he was returning to OVW full time.

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