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Three weeks of NXT SPOILERS

Credit: Josh Parry & PW Torch

Dark Match: Xavier Woods (formerly Consequences Creed in TNA) beat Dean Ambrose. Ambrose was very popular.

Triple H came out and cut a promo. Hunter thanked Full Sail for use of their facilities and said the first episode will air in more than 60 countries. (No date was given.)

Jim Ross and William Regal were introduced on commentary. JR introduced the new GM of NXT, Dusty Rhodes.

(1) Bo Dallas (Rotundo) beat Rick Victor with a spear.

(2) The Ascension (Connor O’Brian & Kenneth Cameron) beat C.J. Parker & Mike Dalton in a squash tag match. Ascension had an epic entrance and were impressive.

Damien Sandow refused to fight Jason Jordan. It was the same promo from his Smackdown appearances. Damien was over as a heel; funny stuff.

(3) Tyson Kidd beat Michael McGillicutty via submission. Great match that captivated the crowd and had plenty of nearfalls. Kidd won with a leg choke.

After a brief intermission, a video aired and they shot the crowd to lead into what can be assumed to be the second episode.


(1) Seth Rollins (formerly Tyler Black) beat Jiro. This was essentially a squash. Rollins cut a promo promising to take NXT, WWE, and the world by storm.

(2) Jinder Mahal beat Jason Jordan via submission with the Camel Clutch. Boring match as indicated by the crowd chants.

(3) Leo Kruger beat Aiden English. Quick and effective establishing Aiden as a face and Kruger as a heel. Post-match, Leo talked about himself on the mic, calling himself the LEO (Lion) of NXT. So, watch out.

(4) Richie Steamboat beat Rick Victor with a big lariat. Richie wrestles a lot like his dad, Ricky Steamboat, who was ringside watching. Richie gave him a shout-out after the match.

(5) Antonio Cesaro beat Dante Dash. Afterward, Aksana declared, “Antonio is my lover!”

(4) Richie Steamboat beat Rick Victor with a big lariat. Richie wrestles a lot like his dad, Ricky Steamboat, who was ringside watching. Richie gave him a shout-out after the match.

(5) Antonio Cesaro beat Dante Dash. Afterward, Aksana declared, “Antonio is my lover!”

(6) Derrick Bateman beat Johnny Curtis. Comedy match with lots of running around.

End of episode. On to Superstar Showdown or the third NXT taping. It wasn’t clear.


Jim Ross remained on for this taping.

(1) WWE tag champion R-Truth beat Epico. Fun match. Truth won with the Little Jimmy.

(2) Sofia Cortez (Ivelise from Tough Enough) beat Paige.

(3) Seth Rollins beat Camacho (w/Hunico) after a standing foot stomp. Heels attacked Rollins post-match until Bo Davis made the save. Of note, Rollins did not use his FCW Hvt. Title at either taping.

(4) FCW tag champions Jake Carter & Corey Graves beat C.J. Parker & Nick Rogers. Again, the titles were not mentioned.

(5) Kassius Ohno (Chris Hero) beat Mike Dalton. Due to Hero’s long beard, a “Let’s Go Jesus” chant caught on loudly. Post-match, Ohno said he knocks people out and when people see him, they say, “Oh no!”

Leo Kruger came out again and the audience sighed. People were leacing at this point due to not knowing much of the talent. A whole section became spotty and empty. A “We Want Sheamus” chant broke out.

(6) Richie Steamboat beat Leo Kruger. The match ended abruptly after Richie hit a nasty gusher. Post-match, Kruger attacked Richie to good heat. Richie was carried out.

(7) Jinder Mahal beat Derrick Bateman via submission with the Camel Clutch. Jinder got really good shine tonight. He reapplied his finisher after the match until refs separated them.

Byron Saxton is off the booth and now Jack Russo and William Regal have joined Ross.

(8) Ascension beat The Usos. Wow, that’s an upset. It’s not clear how many episodes they’re up to now, but this is dragging badly, and not because of the wrestling.

(9) Bray Wyatt beat Aiden English. Husky Harris’s new act is fantastic.

(10) Hunico & Camacho & Michael McGillicutty beat Tyson Kidd & Seth Rollins & Bo Dallas in a six-man tag match. McG avenged his loss against Kidd from earlier in the taping.

(11) World Hvt. champion Sheamus beat Alberto Del Rio to retain the World Hvt. Title. Sheamus won with the Brogue Kick in a good house show-style title match.

That was the end of the taping. They announced they will return next month after taping a month’s worth of NXT in one night.

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7 Responses

  1. Mr. Black says:

    Jake Carter is so no ready for tv yet. Same goes for Jason Jordan, Dante dash, and Aiden English. What I don’t understand is why Brad Maddox wasn’t used. The guy is ready for nxt, maybe even the main roster.

  2. Brett says:

    NXT or FCW?

  3. Y_set says:

    So, NXT has finally integrated to FCW.

  4. Brett says:

    I wonder if this is what those “Revolution” vids are on their site. Re-vamping nXt

  5. Nick says:

    Yes, this is the new NXT, basically a weird in-betweener zone for the young stars to be on national TV. Of course, they are still recording them once a month and at one place so it pretty much fails to give them the experience of being on the road, but whatever.

  6. DeathNote81 says:

    Can’t wait to see all these new people on NXT, and what they can do.

  7. Rex Anderson says:

    Lets Go Jesus, funny stuff

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