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Poll results: Grade TNA’s Sacrifice PPV

Grade TNA’s Sacrifice PPV

F (31%, 98 Votes)
B (24%, 76 Votes)
A (19%, 59 Votes)
C (15%, 48 Votes)
D (11%, 33 Votes)

Total Voters: 314

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6 Responses

  1. theprincedann says:

    Bet nobody who watched it, just the immature marks who comment on every TNA post with the old “TNA SUCKS.” Its getting old and boring now. Its proper wrestling, not watered down kids show. But if you prefer children’s entertainment then fair enough, stick with it and back off TNA. Dont like it, you don’t need to watch, comment or trash it on every post.

  2. soccer20649 says:

    @ theprincedann

    Not a TNA fan, but do agree that you shouldn’t have an F then a B. It’s probably is those TNA haters, because a D is a the bottom and A is third

  3. Mackdeezy says:

    Actually I checked it a few days ago when the poll was still running, “A” was in 4th place and either “C” or “D” was higher, but “F” was still top. I’m guessing more people tried to vote A since then. Them again the comments to the coverage also speaks for itself, while there were praising comments, a lot of people still did voice their displeasure. Admittedly I don’t watch nor care for TNA, but WWE has been so bad lately that I’ve been hoping TNA picks up jut so that WWE feels challenged enough to pick up themselves. Frankly it’s not a good time to be a wrestling fan at the moment. Least not a TNA or WWE fan

  4. cold says:

    I enjoy TNA but I rarely give their shows an A or an F, even the Jeff Hardy Fiasco a few years ago wasn’t even an F

  5. Shon says:

    TNA has bad booking, no doubt about that. They have some real good stars but the booking is bad. The Diva league is very good. They’re Divas are tougher then most in WWE but TNA has way to many Diva mathces. Thats not good for the show, if you want wrestling. WWE is still way ahead of TNA.

  6. theprincedann says:

    They’re called knockouts. And why shouldn’t they have this many knockout matches?

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