TNA SACRIFICE: Bully Ray vs. Austin Aries

May 13, 2012 - by Adam Martin

Non-title match
TNA X Division Champion Austin Aries vs. Bully Ray

The bell rings and both get into a war of words. Bully Ray continues to stall teasing a lock up and then backing up into the ropes yelling at the referee to get Aries away from him. Ray spits in the face of Aries. Aries responds with a big forearm and more shots in the corner. Aries goes up top and Ray catches him with a huge big boot launching Aries to the outside. Ray yells at the referee to count faster. Aries has nasty bruises on his back after taking that bump landing into the steel guard railing. Ray yells to the crowd, “What do you think about Austin Aries now!?” Ray with a huge chop to the chest of Aries. Aries gets up and yells, “Is that all you got!?” Aries takes another chop. Aries is back up. Ray with yet another chop and yells, “Stay down! Stay down!” Ray with a huge big boot and Rock Bottom combo on Aries. Aries finds a way to kick out during a pinfall. Aries with quick kicks to the body. Ray tosses Aries up and catches him with a cutter on the way down. Ray with a cover and Aries kicks out. Ray is shocked. Joesph Park is now front row yelling at Bully Ray. Ray pulls him through the barricade and then Aries connects with a suicide dive. Aries with a missile dropkick launching Ray to the corner. Aries with a big dropkick and brainbuster. Aries hooks the leg and Ray kicks out. Ray has Aries up in a powerbomb, but Aries counters out, Ray falls on his face and applies the Last Chancery submission. Ray taps out.
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Winner: Austin Aries

After the match, Austin Aries is handed the TNA X Division Championship and he smiles over his victory. Joseph Park can be seen at ringside smiling as well.

We see footage from Impact Wrestling of Christopher Daniels and Kazarian showing photos of AJ Styles kissing Dixie Carter.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with AJ Styles. Styles doesn't want to talk about the photos and he is instead focused on Kurt Angle tonight.

A video package runs hyping Kurt Angle vs. AJ Styles.

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