TNA SACRIFICE: Bobby Roode vs. Rob Van Dam

May 13, 2012 - by Adam Martin

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TNA Championship – Ladder Match
Bobby Roode (c) vs. Rob Van Dam

Jeremy Borash did the ring introductions for the challenger Rob Van Dam and champion Bobby Roode. RVD with some quick offense early on over Roode in the corner and then tosses him to the outside. RVD drapes Roode over the steel barricade, jumps off the ring apron and drops a leg over the lower back of Roode. RVD baseball slides a ladder into Roode when Roode was trying to bring one in. The ladder is setup and Roode throws RVD face first into it. RVD sends Roode shoulder/head first into the ladder. Roode recovers and catapults RVD into a ladder. RVD's head actually gets stuck in the ladder while Roode executed this. The ladder is tossed over the ropes and RVD connects with a suplex on Roode over the ladder. RVD follows that up with a springboard moonsault over Roode on the ladder. Crazy spot saw RVD execute a flying running body scissors on Roode into the ladder. RVD pushes a ladder into Roode in the corner and then uses a chair to add more damage with a big kick. RVD tosses in another ladder and sets it up under the title. RVD starts climbing, Roode starts climbing up the other side, Roode knocks RVD off, Roode reaches and RVD tips the ladder over into the ropes. The ladder ends up catching Roode on the head when it came down. Roode with a clothesline to drop RVD. Roode with a spinebuster on RVD over a ladder. RVD with a monkey flip tossing Roode over the other ladder propped up against the corner. RVD with Rolling Thunder over Roode on the ladder. RVD kicks Roode over the top of a ladder. RVD scales up the other ladder to the top turnbuckle, attempts a Five Star Frog Splash, Roode moves and RVD crashes over the ladder. Roode sets up the ladder in the ring, starts climbing, RVD tries to kick the ladder away, but he gets his ankle caught inside as it comes down. Roode sets up the other ladder, climbs up, RVD jumps up and Roode tosses him back. RVD's head lands on a chair below. Roode reaches up, RVD is kicking the ladder, but Roode grabs the title.

Winner and still TNA Champion: Bobby Roode

After the match, Bobby Roode falls to the mat and clutches the TNA Championship. We then see highlights of the match leading to the finish. Back live, we see a shot of a smiling Roode as the PPV goes off the air.

A promo for TNA Slammiversary 10 on Sunday, June 10 is shown.

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