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Brooke Tessmacher talks Knockouts Title match with Gail Kim this Sunday at Sacrifice‏

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Number one contender for the Knockouts Title, Brooke Tessmacher, joins us to discuss her big match with Gail Kim for the title this Sunday at TNA’s Sacrifice pay per view.

Just days away from the biggest match of her career, Brooke talks about her recent push in TNA, what the title would mean to her and how she’s been working hard to be taken seriously as a wrestler.

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On this being the biggest match of her career so far: “This is by far the biggest match of my career. I don’t want to take away from winning the tag belts with Tara, the glory that I felt when I won that, but this is me proving that I can stand alone, that I don’t need a crutch and actually showcasing all of what Tara has taught me in the ring. All it took was her believing in me and my fans that have been there the whole time. I can’t tell you how satisfied I am to finally go out there and prove myself.”

On how she plans to use Gail’s wedding this week to her advantage: “I hope she’s still in the honeymoon stage from her wedding and still celebrating, or hasn’t worked off all that cake yet. I hope she’s distracted so I can come in there and whoop her ass!”

On what winning the Knockouts Title would mean to her: “It means to me that [I’ve finally] proven to the people that doubted me, or people that go, ‘Oh she’s just a model’ or ‘Oh she’s just gonna come and go’ – it’s gonna prove that I’m here to stay. It’s going to prove that I am a real threat. It’s going to prove that I am a threat in the Knockouts division and all of those girls should worry every time they step in the ring with me. And it’s going to prove that I’m finally a real professional wrestler. That I’m not just a model.”

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3 Responses

  1. lll says:

    go brooke!

  2. Jamie says:

    Fair play to Brooke – when she first came to TNA I was one of many who derided them for signing a ‘dancer’ to join the Knockouts division, but she’s actually worked hard on her ring abilities. Don’t get me wrong, she’s no Trish Stratus/Mickie James/Moolah, but she’s far better than I ever expected her to be

  3. king o'p4in says:

    she worked her ass off and she’s still young enough to evolve and improve much more than she already has. brooke has done a great job and is one of the most entertaining women’s wrestlers today. im proud of her i really am. id actually like to see her get a title run of some sort if not now in the near future. that new finisher she does (a modified version of one of tarzan boy’s finishers) is pretty sweet. im on the tessmacher bandwagon!

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