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Claim: Two former WWE superstars seeking TNA deals

Hulk Hogan claimed in a New York Daily News interview that former WWE superstars Chris Masters and John Morrison have been calling and trying to secure TNA deals.

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  1. havok says:

    yea…hogan says a lot of things

  2. N. Gaijin says:

    Claimed a few months ago that he was “almost in Metallica”…
    Claimed about a month later that he “didn’t know he was being recorded”…

    So now here we are with what is quite possibly the most believable claim he’s made this year.

  3. cool arrow says:

    I wouldn’t believe Hogan if he claimed water was wet. That said, they’d probably be better off in TNA then going back to WWE.

  4. ironFNmaiden says:

    Considering Mastes is in Ring Ka King I suppose it won’t be too hard, just call up the bosses “yo, can we bring me home for a bit?”

  5. Chris Epic says:

    Pretty sure TNA is a recycle bin, so why wouldn’t they want more of wwe’s splinters. If anything I’m sure its the other way around so Hogan can stfu & go back to believing its still 1989

  6. Joe says:

    Morrison: YES! Master: never been a fan.

  7. Really? says:

    Well, Masters has made no secret of it. Morrison I’m not so sure.

  8. trevbourne says:

    well chris masters as wanted to be on tna for a long time
    it would be good to be john morrison in tna

  9. Ryan says:

    Masters I’d believe because he pals around with RVD who’s in Hogan’s “club”. Morrison might as well try because Melina’s gonna ruin any chance he has of returning to WWE.

  10. Jon Warham says:

    Well Chris Masters keep tweeting about wanting to join TNA, plus he already kind of is working with Ring Ka King.

  11. McMahon says:

    Masters has been talking about wanting in to TNA on Twitter.

  12. Tjsmith3 says:

    Master has been pushing for a TNA deal on his twitter account. It’s no secret to anyone. He’s even talked about in interviews.

  13. john says:

    Masters yeah I could believe that. Morrison erm no, I have a feeling that the WWE still wants him.

  14. theprincedann says:

    I would be more than happy to see them both in TNA. Don’t really watch WWE but always YouTube’d Morrisons matches.. and Chris Masters is great in Ring Ka King too.. would be happier if Morrison brought Melina with him though!

  15. Ostego says:

    Brother Christopher Masterpiece Cage and Brother Johnny Moe are going to feud over the TNA belt within 30 minutes of arriving in TNA.

  16. -J- says:

    John Morris and Melino are here Taz! Let the pigeons loose Tenay!

  17. matt says:

    im surprised tna hasnt already jumped on offerin morrison a deal! i know he had backstage issues regarding melina, but his parcore (sp?) skills and ability to make flashy moves look effortless would be reason enough! didnt he and melina split after he left wwe?

  18. Sting says:

    I can see Morrison & Melina in TNA.

    Imagine Melina & Velvet Sky doing a combined Entrance…………… DAMN !

    Also id like to see him as a heel in a fued vs AJ Styles.

  19. -J- says:

    i do miss that melina entrance, twas a thing of beauty.

  20. DeathNote81 says:

    I’m with ThePrinceDann. I like both guys, and would love to see them back on t.v. Only problem being: I don’t trust either company with handling them. If they are going to TNA though, I hope TNA has a plan laid out for them beforehand. I want them to succeed.

  21. Ronald B says:

    Go Johnny Impact!

  22. james says:

    They both sucked any ways.

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