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Video: WWE “Revolution Is Coming” Teaser

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  1. Chris Epic says:

    Either its a Punk thing hence the X, possibly Barrett idk why just seems to fit “winds of change” or Jericho is doing a return within his return.

  2. cool arrow says:

    According to PWInsider, it’s probably Dean Ambrose.

  3. Doug says:

    two words. dean. ambrose.

  4. Mr. Black says:

    I really really hope so. The guy is going to take over the industry.

  5. Fisha695 says:

    It’s WWE finally announcing that they’ve owned & controlled TNA from the start. I mean think about all the mentions of Hogan (The “General Manager” of Impact, I mean seriously when did TNA start calling their authority figure the “General Manager”?) and then they had the piece on RVD on their website right around the time that Heyman returns & then this happens…

    Then again who am I kidding, none of the WWE writers nor Vince himself are that smart.. haha

  6. Bryan says:

    CM Punk with a rehash of DX.. I could see it. Him and some Ring of Honor boys.

  7. janewwefan says:

    i hope it,s something that,s going bring everything back like they use to do and have,or superstars returning TO SHOW TNA POSERS HATERS!TELLS WHAT WWE! IS ALL ABOUT

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