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CM Punk spoiled Heyman’s WWE return

Prior to Paul Heyman returning to WWE TV earlier tonight on Raw, CM Punk tweeted the following along with a Heyman photo backstage:

Okay. I’m having a blast with this. Here he is. The man. MY man. And he’s headed to the ring….

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  1. Robert Barron says:

    This reminds me of the NFL Draft situation. Adam Shefter would tweet teams’ picks minutes before they were announced live on TV. It’s so hard to listen to people whine and complain about how “predictable” WWE has become when we all have perpetuated the use of social media to this extent. The drama and excitement is gone now. It’s no one else’s fault, but our own.

  2. trivia247 says:

    now was heyman there just a cameo or is he actually going to be with the WWE…. the same goes with Lesnar, is this all an angle?

  3. Man says:

    Kill yourself, Punk!

  4. Fisha695 says:

    Was it Punk playing Spoiler or was it Punk playing “Hype”……?

  5. -J- says:

    Like when the Rock tweeted about when he was about to return moments before he appeared on RAW, hypeshow glad I don’t give a horse turd about twitter.

  6. Steveoreno says:

    Who cares? Honestly the WEWE had been pushing their guys to use Twitter so I am sure they aren’t too upset. It wasn’t like they were trying very hard to keep this under wraps.

  7. Steve says:

    Even though it was bound to happen with Paul coming back. CM Punk did ruin a good surprise.

  8. Look At Him says:

    well i dont use twitter while RAW is on.

    So it suprised me.

    Also i try to not look up spoilers because it makes it better when you dont know.

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