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An interesting look at WWE Studios’ production cost for each movie

The latest WWE SEC filing has revealed the production costs for each of
the WWE Studios movie that the company has so far been involved in. In
total, WWE has spent $118.4 million in production for 13 movies, seven of
them are self-distributed while the other six are licensed. Licensed films
include See No Evil from May 2006 which cost $10.4 million; The Marine in
October 2006 cost $20.2 million; The Condemned in May 2007 cost $17.5
million; Behind Enemy Lines 3 in January 2009 cost $2.5 million; 12 Rounds
in March 2009 cost $19.7 million; and The Marine 2 in December 2009 cost
$2.3 million. Self-distributed films include Legendary in September 2010
cost $5.3 million; Knucklehead in October 2010 cost $6.4 million; The
Chaperone in March 2011 cost $5.8 million; That’s What I Am in April 2011
cost $4.7 million; Inside Out in September 2011 cost $5.1 million; The
Reunion in October 2011 cost $6.9 million; and Bending The Rules in March
2012 cost $5.5 million. Out of all the movies mentioned, WWE did profit
only on three of them – The Marine, Behind Enemy Lines 3, and The Marine
2. The first Marine movie is the highest grossing with a profit of $15
million and the other two just $200,000 and $800,000 respectively. The
Condemned remains the biggest money loser with $6.5 million in the red,
followed by That’s What I Am at $4.9 million and The Reunion with $4.5

(thanks to Colin Vassallo)

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  1. Hugh Nito says:

    That’s what I am cost $4.7m and makes a loss of $4.9m? Impressive! All in all, these losses should be compared to marketing costs in the past, and these movies are still probably a fairly effective way to market the wrestlers to expand the brand and get people to buy PPV’s.

  2. cold says:

    ??? They are trying to make WWE Studios a legit moneymaker for their shareholders, Looks like action flix featuring young breakout stars is the way to go. the heartfelt comedies and films featuring end of the road future hall of famers do little. honestly i think reality programming and a partnership with NBCuniversal would help WWE get more of these ventures off the ground,

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