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Carlito comments on Triple H at the Mayweather fight

Via Twitter:

Correction, triple h was wearing a sling…and not many people know that a sling works a lot better than a cast for a broken arm! Right?

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  1. david r. says:

    Ok, I’m calling it: carlito vs. Steiner for the Twitter heavyweight championship! LOL

  2. Kerry says:

    Triple H wasn’t wearing a sling in the picture of him and Stephanie with Criss Angel. Oops.

  3. Beast says:

    I didn’t see a sling.

  4. Fisha695 says:

    He actually had some metal brace on. It looked like the ones from Forrest Gump but on his arm instead of a leg.

  5. -J- says:

    I think all actors should stay in character at all times.

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