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May 4, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

Credit: WrestlingObserver.com

Here’s the television report for episode#663 of Ohio Valley Wrestling, which was taped on May 2nd in Louisville, and will air on May 5th in Louisville, but is already available online at www.ovwrestling.com

Dean Hill, Gilbert Corsey, and Kenny Bolin were the TV announcers for this episode. Ron Hed and Brittany DeVore were the ring announcers.

Tonight is the night that Alex Silva “wins”(?) a “contract” on the “Gut check” portion of TNA Impact, in spite of having a lousy, and very un-OVW-like, match against Robbie E last week, which he lost in like two minutes. Tonight apparently “judges” Bruce Prichard and Ric Flair say “no” to Silva, but somehow Al Snow convinces them to change their minds, and Silva gives them a passionate promo of his own. I guess it’s all in who you “Snow” huh?? And this makes even less sense to me, if that’s even possible, because it seems like Al Snow has never been too high on Alex Silva in OVW. They’ve actually done very little with Silva in OVW his past few times here. Now Jim Cornette was high on Silva. Maybe Snow has had “tough love” for Silva in OVW, who knows. This whole “Gut check” thing sounds more like “Indigestion” to me, but congrats to Silva if the contract itself is legit. It was interesting though last week seeing footage of OVW on TNA Impact.

Chris Silvio and Mohamad Ali Vaez worked the ROH show in Dayton, Ohio on April 29th.

Steve Gerweck interviews Jessie Belle Smothers at this link.

This episode opened with OVW Heavyweight champion “Smooth” Johnny Spade coming to the ring, already wearing the apparatus for the dog collar match he was going to have tonight. Spade beat Flash Flanagan here in a hardcore match last week. Spade said he is the champion here, and he wants to have the dog collar match right now. Out come “Talent Arbitrator” Josette Bynum, along with the rest of The Family. Bynum told Spade that she calls the shots around here, and that his match would be the main event tonight. Bynum did bring out Spade’s opponent for tonight though, and it was Vic the Bruiser. Vic and Spade traded a little mic work back and forth, and that was it for this segment. The story here is Josette Bynum is trying to wear Johnny Spade down, because Spade has to defend the OVW title against “Family” member Rob Terry at the May 12th Saturday Night Special.

Tony Gunn was trying to sell Brittany DeVore some of his happy pills backstage. She wasn’t buying. Josette Bynum came up to DeVore and said she wants to see DeVore, Adam Revolver, and Ted McNaler in her office tonight.

1. Michael Hayes & James “Moose” Thomas beat “Premier Brutality”(“3G” Eric Wayne & Kid Nikels)

A nice surprise to see Memphis guys Eric Wayne and Kid Nikels make an OVW appearance. Nikels has a great look going for himself nowadays. Dean Hill talked on commentary about Eric Wayne being the son of Ken Wayne, and Ken Wayne being the long time tag team partner of OVW owner Danny Davis as the Nightmares. Gilbert Corsey talked about Mickey being forced last week to go back to work for Bolin Services 2.0. This match ended kinda out of nowhere when Moose dropped Wayne down onto Hayes’ Code breaker. I would have liked to see this match go longer.

Hayes demanded Bolin Services 2.0 come out after the match, so they did. Moose wanted to know where Mickey was, and added he Moose was now the too violent for TV guy that Prince Bolin used to to want him to be. Bolin said Mickey was busy cutting his lawn with safety scissors.
Josette Bynum came out and said at the May 12th Saturday Night Special it will be BS 2.0 vs Hayes & Moose in a handicap match, and if Hayes & Moose wins, they get Mickey back, but if BS 2.0 wins, they get to control Hayes & Moose. Bynum also added that it will be a ladder match, which certainly doesn’t favor the one legged Michael Hayes, or the beefy James “Moose” Thomas, not to mention they have to take on three guys during the match, plus Prince Bolin at ringside.

Josette Bynum got back into the ring, along with all of “The Family”, and demanded that Chris Silvio come out now. So Silvio did, along with Mo Green, Mary Jane the hula hoop girl, and the Midget. Mo Green started doing Silvio’s customary long ring introduction, but Bynum cut him off. Silvio said Bynum has herpes, causing the crowd to chant “STD” at her. Bynum then demanded Raul Lamotta, Shiloh Jonze, and Alex Silva come out now, and ordered an all babyface “Fatal four way” match between Silvio, Jonze, Lamotta, and Silva, and said anyone who pins Silvio gets a shot at any title they want, anytime they want. Bynum threatened to fire any of the babyfaces that didn’t want to do this match, or didn’t give 100% during it, leading to….

2. Alex Silva beat Chris Silvio, Shiloh Jonze, and Raul Lamotta in a fatal four way match

Silva was the wild card here as he, while still a babyface, has not sided with the other babyfaces, or with Josette Bynum, despite being asked to do so by both sides in the past. Silva was aggressive here with everyone, but all the babyfaces went against each other in this one pretty hot and heavy. Guys finally started hitting their finishers on each other, but Alex Silva got the duke by pinning Chris Silvio with his “Silva surfer” running knee finisher. A very weird match for sure, with even a weirder set up to it, but it was entertaining while it lasted.

Josette Bynum came to the floor after the match and said she knew Silva could do it, and asked him what title he wanted to go after. Why anyone wouldn’t just say the heavyweight title is beyond me, and is crappy booking really, but Silva said the tag team titles, and then picked Shiloh Jonze to be his partner, which confused everyone, because Silva had words with Jonze last week after tagging with him. But nevertheless, Silva & Jonze will get a shot at the OVW Southern Tag team titles, currently held by “Family members” Jessie Godderz & Rudy Switchblade, at some point.

Brittany DeVore, Ted McNaler, and Adam Revolver, as ordered earlier in the show, were in Josette Bynum’s office. Bynum said DeVore would be the judge for the May 12th “Gentleman’s rules” match between McNaler and Revolver, and that “Gentleman’s rules” means a match with no striking, just pure wrestling. DeVore looked disgusted, but said this would show what kind of a man her boyfriend Ted McNaler really was. Bynum added that until the match there is a “no touch rule” in effect. McNaler and Revolver can’t get physical with each other, and neither one can touch DeVore either. lol Wow, talk about added pressure to a match huh?

Bynum then ran into Johnny Spade in the hall, and reminded him again that she makes the rules around here, and to not be surprised if she adds another stip to his match tonight.

Dean Hill, Gilbert Corsey & Kenny Bolin talked at the desk about the May 12th Saturday Night Special card, as it stands so far.

Jamin Olivencia got in the ring and said he won a match at an OVW house show last weekend to earn a shot at the OVW TV title, and demanded OVW TV champion Mohamad Ali Vaez come out and defend it against him now.
From backstage though Josette Bynum told Olivencia that maybe he can get his shot next week, because the day before he earned his TV title shot, another guy earned one first. Olivencia said that was garbage, and indeed it was, but Bynum had Olivencia’s mic cut off, and out came rookie Daniel Pruce from Austria, leading to…..

3. Mohamad Ali Vaez beat Daniel Pruce to retain the OVW TV Title

Jamin Olivencia attacked Vaez as he came out, and did quite a number on him on the floor, being finally being pulled away by the geek squad. Vaez got into the ring hurt, and Pruce was smiling, but Vaez wiped that smirk off of Pruce’ face by tearing into him. Pruce came back with a flurry of offense, but Vaez hit his running neckbreaker on Pruce to win the match, and retain the OVW TV title.

4. “Smooth” Johnny Spade beat Vic the Bruiser in a dog collar match

TV main event time. Right when the bell rang, Josette Bynum came back out, yet again, with all of The Family, and said this would also be a Family lumberjack match. Of course the Family didn’t touch Vic when he got thrown out, but they beat the crap out of Spade when he did. This was even early on, but Vic took control, and held it for awhile, but couldn’t put Spade away. They just did this match with pinfalls, it wasn’t a touch all four corners and win, like a traditional strap/dog collar match would be, not sure why not. Spade finally hit a desperation superkick on Vic, and got the win.

The Family all got in the ring and beat on Spade some more after the match. So just like last week against Flash Flanagan, Spade won the match, but lost the war, and was beaten up and worn down more than ever. Bynum told the fallen Spade she can’t wait for his May 12th OVW title defense against Rob Terry, but before that, next week at TV, someone from Spade’s past will be there, with Bynum sarcastically saying it will be a “Family reunion”.

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