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Promotion “de-books” Justin Credible

Northern League Wrestling for immediate release

In 2006, a book titled Controversy Creates Cash hit the shelves and told the story of a well-known wrestling celebrity. Fortunately for Northern League Wrestling fans, cash is not king over pride and responsibility.

Justin Credible has been removed and “de-booked” from the Spring Slam show on May 11th and will be replaced by Ring of Honor legend, Jimmy Jacobs.

Problems with Credible started before the Extreme Reunion show in Philadelphia on April 28th and were causing concern back on April 24th. NLW president and wrestler Red Hot Ryan Wood had been trying to reach Credible through email and phone messages but to no avail. Though NLW lived up to its end by sending the deposit and even going so far as to get Credible another booking, the former ECW champion showed his true dedication to this industry by not returning any calls or emails.

“I asked Credible on the 29th for a promo to put up on the website and stir some interest, but he just didn’t get back to me,” said Wood. “I kept all the attempts to contact him and also told him that I would ask for the deposit back, but it was probably long gone. He had until Thursday at 6pm to contact me and he didn’t”

Allegations of Justin Credible being passed out at the Extreme Reunion show sent the internet buzzing last week as photos have surfaced of Credible in no state to wrestle. Credible had stated several times that he was no longer giving in to the addictions and problems of his past with even going so far as praying for those that are. Clearly, Credible is a liar and one of a long list of statistics that have a tendency to plague the wrestling world. Credible was kicked out of the event and asked not to return.

NLW would like to see Justin Credible apologize to its fans, but such an act would require grace and responsibility, characteristics lacked by the former Aldo Montoya. Northern League Wrestling quickly made the decision to not leave its fans high and dry at the last minute, and took care of the problem immediately.

Jimmy Jacobs is a rising star in wrestling and has won over forty championships throughout the sport. Jacobs’s style of wrestling is a mix of brutality and risk taking, innovative moves. Not one to shy away from a hard hitting fight, Jacobs will also hit moves in the ring that are so out of the ordinary, they don’t even have names yet.

May 11th will still be a great show for all ages and Northern League Wrestling is, will and always will be loyal to the fans that are loyal to it.

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