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What Mysterio’s suspension will cost him

It aas recently announced that Rey Mysterio, 37, was suspended for 60-days for a second violation of the Wellness Policy. He is eligible to return on June 25th. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that the suspension will cost hin in the rang of $166,667 in salary.

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  1. Jono K says:


  2. randy says:

    why would they test someone knowing that he would be on pain pills from recent knee surgery? stupid johnny ace, i hope cena kicks ur A@#!!!

  3. Xsu FLEX ARMSTRONG says:

    If that’s his pay every couple of months I’m sure that’s nothing to him

  4. Xsu FLEX ARMSTRONG says:

    Let this man stay home and enjoy his family figure extended vacation finally get to go to the beach

  5. dave says:

    You know he tested for amphetamine? And by the look of him at the test, no-one bought the ‘its in my meds’ excuse..

  6. enem V says:

    he should go to the junkie wrestling show. He Angle and Jeff can all get off their faces together…
    way to be a child role model mysterio *slow clapping*

  7. rob says:

    You mean to tell me that this dude only makes a Million Dollar salary? What about all of the merch he sells?

  8. bah says:


    Assuming the figure is accurate, that $166,667 is probably just his base salary and does not include bonuses or merchandise royalties.

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