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Eric Bischoff responds to Steiner’s Twitter rants

Eric Bischoff responded to Steiner’s Twitter rants via his Twitter account:

Its hard for some guys to move over and let the younger talent rise. Irony? One of Scotts bitches in his 20’s and 30’s.

@ScottSteiner @HulkHogan @EBischoff Steiner’s bitter. He’d be there tomorrow if he were called upon. His matches were slow and boring anyway.

@ScottSteiner U must have a sad fuckin life if all u do is waffle on about @HulkHogan and @EBischoff all day on this #steroidjunkie.

@ScottSteiner You’re tweets make as much sense as your promos did… In other words, you’re a babbling, old, drug abusing fool @EBischoff.

@ScottSteiner Get a life you complete tit, Spending all day going on about @EBischoff and @HulkHogan get some respect.

@EBischoff Scott Steiner sounds like a disgruntled ex girlfriend!

@EBischoff don’t listen to the dabbling jealous wreck that is @scottsteiner, WWE needs to offer him the ex-employees the wellness rehab.

@EBischoff it would appear that Scott steiner has his head in his ass, as well as a needle.

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6 Responses

  1. Hans says:

    He would know about people having their head’s up asses.

  2. justblazin says:

    lol i like how he dances all around scott’s points. as bitter and all that as scott may sound, he is right and out of all those rants i can barely remember scott saying he needed a better position in the company or anything of that nature… scott tweets more about how crappy they treat good talent to put over the crappy ones.

  3. mike says:

    last week hogan was “surprised” and “saw alot of potential in scott” now this from bishoff. they cant even agree how to tackle scott no wonder TNA is in the dump. Honestly bishoff ran WCW into the ground and he is doing everything to the t exactly the same way in TNA.

  4. theprincedann says:

    TNA isn’t in the dump. They just landed a new tv deal, launched more programmes and have recently started an Indian promotion full of talent.

    Secondly, I don’t like Eric, but he is right. Scotts matches were always slow and boring, his promos did suck, and given the phone call, Steiner would go back in a heartbeat.

  5. -J- says:

    so are those fans tweeting bischoff or bischoff tweeting all that stuff…tna needs publicity but this is yet another smoking turd in tna’s eye.

  6. Justin Myers says:

    most of those were fan tweets re-tweeted by Bischoff… But hey Bischoff is right… Steiner was decent back in the 90s… Now, he is a bitter man who needs a translator for his promos

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