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Video: Official Statement From Shane Douglas Concerning Extreme Reunion

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  1. Mykull The Conqueror says:

    I give Shane props. Stand up guy.

  2. Jay Sim says:

    Shane continues on to beat the hell out of that poor Dead Horse…………..

  3. James says:

    @Mykull – I agree. I hope Shane succeeds with this. He’s the most passionate about the business than Johnny Ace ever is.

  4. Mykull The Conqueror says:

    @Jay I understand what you are saying. Almost all these guys are past their prime and some were never in the best shape in their primes. *COUGH* Balls & Axle *COUGH* Shane did this reunion because of how much he loves this business and he knows the fan are still out there. It could still work. He just needs different guys. I think they did a smart thing by adding non-ECW talent to the show. If it was a success they could have guys to be with the company, Shane was hoping to start with this, for several more years to come. If they can talk people like Jerry Lynn and Devon Storm into staying around, talk Lance Storm into coming in for a few appearances, their is Masato Tanaka and Tajiri, who can still both go, Rhino and I think Tommy Dreamer could pull off a few more solid matches given the right opponent. Most of the things that happened were out of Shane’s hands to control. I hope with the next show it works out for them. I wish them better luck. E-C-DUB E-C-DUB E-C-DUB

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