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WWE issues injury update on Triple H

Doctor Dr. Chris Amann gave the following update on Triple H today via

“He has a non-displaced fracture of distal humorous. Fortunately, this is not something that needs surgery with pins and screws. We’ll be treating him with a sling for comfort and following with him in the next few days.”

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8 Responses

  1. Evil Zebra says:

    His distal humorous, eh….

    Now that’s HISTORICAL!!!!

    Take it,

  2. Dan says:

    And who said kayfabe was dead?!?

  3. Darrin says:

    kayfabe is still alive with HHH. he was taught by a master of it !!

  4. Evil Zebra says:

    I don’t know, Dan….. WHO?

    I’m sure that is only a rumor though,
    cause if KayFabe was really dead, I
    would have heard about it…. I’m good
    friends with her sister, Kelly Fabe.

    Take it,

  5. Kerry says:

    The name Kay Fabian comes to mind.

  6. Kay Fabian says:

    Somebody called….

  7. AttitudEra76 says:

    @ Evil Zebra… And he sold the injury like no other if it was kayfabe.

  8. Dixie Carter says:

    Whats KayFabe?

    Derp ?



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